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Sunrise New Year

The Midwinter celebration of the Sunrise calendar corresponds to the winter solstice. It is dedicated to the return of the light and the sacrifices made during the original event. But more than anything else, it is a chance to come together during the darkest days of the year. This means that it is especially popular in darker and colder areas of the world.  

Games and Festivities

While a lot of the Midwinter celebration focus on friends and family, there are usually some markets with various carnival games in the larger cities. This has spread to ordinary homes as traditions of playing games - especially ones revealing secrets or opinions amongst those participating. This isn't intended to be anything serious, but rather a humorous way to bond and relax.   Another common practice is the giving of small gifts. Quite often, these are in the form of future favours or services rather than in goods, but it does happen. The point is to share one's strengths with those one care about - not to grant them material advantages. Being crass and materialistic about one's gifts is usually an excellent way not to have anyone gift anything the next year.


The original Sunrise saved all the planes and sets the shift from year 0 to year 1 according to the calendar. In its early days, the celebration was focused on venerating lives lost or twisted during the events leading up to the Sunrise. Eventually, the culture shifted and more joyous festivities became part of the tradition.


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