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Playable Races

Race Description
Aasimar Very rarely, a celestial such as an angel begets a child with a mortal. The aasimar are the offspring of such unions and this often makes them feel connected to something greater. Or they just feel an emptiness as they lack that connection.
Catian Humanoid/feline shape-shifters.
Dragonborn Dragonborn are shaped like the dragons they are linked to. This includes breath-weapons and attachment to their element. However, they have no wings and no tail.
Elf Ancient beings full of grace and an understanding of the world at a deeper level. Different subraces are highly adapted to various environments. For instance, sand elves can easily deal with the heat of the desert, while Eladrin are native to the Feywild.
Dwarf Short and stout, dwarves are usually most at home underground but can be found anywhere. They have a strong affinity with stone and metal, making them excellent crafters. But their resiliant attitude has brought about more than one extrordanary fighter.
El'isan It's a matter of debate if this race came about due to magically aided interbreeding between humans and tabaxi, or if they are the result of a rare and latent form of feline lycanthrophy, but it's clear that they have some distinctly cat-like traits mixed in with their human ones. This typicallly helps make them agile both in body and mind.
Firbolg These beings normally live far away from civilisation, prefering deep forrests. It is very rare for them to travel the world, but it happens.
Genasi When an Ifrit or similar elemental has a child with a human, the result is a Genasi. Sometimes the traits can lay dormant for several generations, but when they do pop up as a member of the race, the child is born with an extraordinary bond to the element.
Gnome Cheerful tricksters with an incurable curiosity. This makes them great inventors, investigators, or anything requireing some sneaking around. While their disposition is usually the same, the varius subraces are used to different kinds of lives.
Goliath Distantly related to giant-kin, goliaths are strong and stoic. They normally live high up in mountain ranges and live in constant struggle, something that is reflected in their personality.
Halfling Usually friendly and welcoming, halflings have a tendency to end up in a good place even despite bad odds.
Half-Elf Often not quite at home with either parent race, the children of an elf and a human has to find a way to live that allows them some freedom. What their life is like depends on where they grew up and who exactly their parents are.
Half-Orc An Orc is typically brutish and tends towards agression and physical intimidation rather than mental or social persutes. The children they have with humans are much less so, but the tendencies, and thus expectations from society, are still there.
Human The most prominent race in the world due to their adaptability and tendency to have joined all sides of any conflict. This also makes them the ones that no one else minds talking to for the most part.
Kenku Created from birds, but soon after they were cursed and had their voice taken away. Instead, they perfectly mimic sounds they've heard.
Lizardfolk Lizardfolk hide in swamps, marches and jungles. They conciously choose to remain technologically primitive in order to focus on the immediate. Their emotions are mostly cold and uncaring as they focus on the practical.
Tabaxi Believed to have been created by Mielikki in copperation with nature spirits, the Tabaxi resemble humanoid cats. Fur pattens and what species of cat they most resemble varies creatly, but something that is almost universal is a constant curiosity.
Tiefling Horned, devil-like people with an infernal heritage. But they don't actually have any tendencies towards evil, despite their origin.

Other Creatures

Various kinds of beings are categorised depending on their origin.
  • Aberrations are beings originating from outside or warped reality.
  • Beasts are regular animals.
  • Celestials originate from the strengthening forces of the planes closest to the Positive Energy plane.
  • Constructs are built in order to serve a specific function.
  • Dragons include more han just your usual variety but also related beings.
  • Elementals are created by the sheer energy density of a specific element.
  • Fey are unpredictable beings shaped by the too colourful Feywild.
  • Fiends stem from the disruptive forces of the realms closest to the Negative Energy plane.
  • Giants are very closely related to humanoids, but their connection with the material world makes them able to support their enormous size.
  • Humanoids are (reasonably) intelligent beings who otherwise procreate in ways similar to beasts.
  • Monstrosities are the result of nature gone wrong. Originally, they might have been beasts or something else that got twisted.
  • Oozes are goo that can move and eat. For most of them, this is all that they do.
  • Plants aren't always just regular flower and trees. Some of them can move about. Some can use weapons.
  • Undead are what happens when the dead still move amonst the living.


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