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Lauern Snow

Quirky and always shifting both physically and mentally, Laurern Snow is the owner of the Shop of Holding in Jolethai. To someone who has never met him before, he might seem slightly... unhinged. But there's a method to his madness and few things pass him by. And weird magical effects tend to happen around those who try to steal from the store. There is a story about someone having ended up in a never-ending room until the guards got there.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Quite spry for his age, Laurern moves very suddenly and erratically. His long, thin limbs make this even more pronounced.

Apparel & Accessories

While Laurern normally dresses in rather simple garbs, he always has various spell components, and likely magic items, at hand.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In his youth, Laurern was an adventurer and has many stories to tell. Though he sometimes seems like he mixes several of them up. Or maybe he's just keeping people on their toes, it's hard to tell. What is clear is that he is very knowledgable about anything regarding magic, but reluctant to share.   At least according to some of his stories, Laurern has spent quite some time at sea, hunting pirates and various monsters. Maybe he even stayed with other pirates at some point, who knows?
Current Location
Year of Birth
1307 SR 58 Years old
Current Residence
Dark blue eyes, sometimes glistening in a way, you swear you just saw 2 sapphires for pupils
Bald on top, some white hair on the sides, transitioning into sideburns.
Known Languages
Laurern speaks at the very least Sha'ree, Elvish and Dwarvish, and Priomordial.


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