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Kashee ar-Nath

The owner of the Inn of the Lamp is an exotic man with a large smile. He tries his best to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Kashee does a lot of everything at the inn, from cooking to serving to preparing the rooms. Some have remarked that it seems like he never rests.

Physical Description

Body Features

Kashee is tall, lanky and always dressed in colourful clothes. His pearly white teeth seem to make his smile even bigger and friendlier.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alledgedly, Kashee was born in the Bone Wastes and migrated to the Sa'ar Desert when he was young. If so, this might explain some of his strange mannerisms. The exact details are unknown, as are the ways he had gained the gold used to build the Inn of the Lamp.   He bought the land where the inn currently stands cheap as the previous building there was just a ruin. Large sums of gold made it possible to open sooner rather than later. Considering the convenient location and good reputation, enough travelers stay at the inn for Kashee to make some profit.

Gender Identity

Male, mostly



Intellectual Characteristics

Kashee is always on top of things and able to multitask at an incredible level. There is nothing going on at the inn that he isn't aware of and he will make sure everyone is as safe and comfortable as they can be.
Year of Birth
1340 SR 25 Years old
Current Residence
Shimmering blue, like pools of fresh water.
Black, shoulder-length, tied up in a braid.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale with a golden shimmer
200 cm
Ruled Locations


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