Farokh Izad

While Farokh's biological father is unknown, his mother was Atoza Izad. She was a lesser noble and her brother, Toau Kuhufu, was an accomplished diplomat married into House Seelon, which placed her in good standing enough to live comfortably in Solaris' Airid district. She owned Moondaggers of Izad, a mercenary company, which is now run by Farokh.   Farokh is the closest living relative to Ahrmand Kuhufu and stands to inherit from the diplomat. This includes the slave Alina as well as a large home in the Sky district of Solaris.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A strong man, Farokh is still fairly lean as well as muscular. He might be considered handsome, but several scars across his body and face somewhat detract from that impression. Some might consider it a rugged sexiness, but the scar splitting a part of his upper lip is a bit much for many.   While Farokh is one of those people who look like they're wearing some form of armour even while naked, he doesn't fall into the stereotype of looking ruff. He is always well-groomed and takes care of himself.

Mental characteristics


Those under his command are not an option, but almost anyone else might be if they're impressive enough in combat.


While Farokh has the solid theoretical education that is expected of any noble, he has mostly focused on practical matters. Not only is he a good businessman, but he also trains recruits to the Moondaggers himself sometimes. Farokh is generally considered an excellent swordsman and not without talent with bow and arrow.

Intellectual Characteristics

While very strategic, Farokh can sometimes be said to have trouble thinking in the abstract. This doesn't mean that he can't think outside the box - quite the opposite. He is excellent at coming up with alternate strategies and is very intelligent. But don't expect him to weigh in on the merits of various gods or their philosophies.

Morality & Philosophy

Farokh believes that everyone deserves a second chance. And no one deserves a third. He is never needlessly cruel, but he's also not known to shy away from what he believes has to be done. This includes completing any contract he or the Moondaggers have taken on. Some claim that this has, in fact, resulted in him breaking the law, but getting out of it because of his position and because he can blackmail previous clients.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1322 SR 43 Years old
Hazel brown
Black with many braids, shoulder length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dusty, dark, brown
170 cm
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Sha'ree is his mother tongue, but Farokh also understands Orcish and Elvish. In theory, he understands Dwarvish as well, but that might be a bit of an overstatement.


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