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Eshacha Nielther

Having grown up in a larger city, Eshancha considers Jolethai to be a quaint place and the towns around it to be more uncultured villages than anything else. Not that they mind - it's just an opportunity to bring enlightenment. That is why they took to becoming a priest of Oghma in the first place. Being an acolyte at the temple in Jolethai is a great step on the way there. What seems strange is that the temple doesn't try to gather more tomes. There might not be much more room, but surely they could just get a bigger building for the temple?   Another thing Eshacha is surprised by is that the temple doesn't have more priests to teach the people. If they only would, the masses would, of course, flock to them. They're getting tired of being told there aren't enough resources. Instead of fighting the priests about it, they're doing their best to finish their studies so that they can prove them wrong.
Year of Birth
1346 SR 19 Years old
Current Residence
Light brown
Black, curly, volumous
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown
165 cm
Aligned Organization


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