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Askarus ale

This is a pale ale, flavoured by several forms of grass and herbs found in the Sa'ar Desert. The story by the name is somewhat obfuscated, with some attributing it to a popular brewer, others to an old name for the grass that contributes most of the flavour.   This ale is very common throughout the desert and even beyond. Around the south-eastern regions, it is more or less expected in most taverns. There are even "mahi'skarusi" (literally 'askarus places') that focus entirely on serving the beverage together with a small meal.   Of course, one of the reasons the ale is so popular is that it's very easy and cheap to make in large amounts.
Base Price
5 cp / mug, 1 gp / hogshead barrel
Raw materials & Components
Water, malted corn (sometimes replaced by other grain), herbs, and yeast


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