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Al-Vexnim barracks in Mahi-Jathu

The mercenary company known as Al-Vexnim have a strong presence throughout the Sa'ar Desert and beyond. The harsh area in and near Rashi Principality makes it a lucrative market and their local headquarters in Mahi'Jathu are quite busy.

Purpose / Function

The Al-Vexnim are always looking for work and are willing to hire adventurers if they need some reinforcements. With their reputation of not asking too many questions, there are always those who prefer their services over other mercenary companies. Hiring one of their members costs between 5 and 25 gold per day, depending on the required skill level and expected danger.


While it isn't known in what way, it is widely assumed that the Al-Vexnim has built many different traps and hidden locks into the structure. Some say there is even a whole secret underground section. Those who have tried to break into the building have all ended up with serious injuries due to their carelessness.


The building is a squat one-story sandstone structure. The roof is covered with a canopy that makes it into a pleasant area for talking business away from the crowds. Half of the building acts as a stable, with a wagon parked nearby for when it's needed. The kitchen and a few other facilities are also located on the ground floor, with quarters for all but the highest-ranking member being located below ground.
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