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For the most part, Al-Vexinim is known simply as a very effective mercenary company with a wide geographical spread. But there are constant rumours that their way is a bit more brutal than they need to be, and they certainly seem very good at placing themselves in positions of power. That said, even the Protectors of the Sun has been known to hire adventurers and mercenaries for tasks that are too unpleasant, too dangerous, or that simply require manpower not immediately available to them. And the Vexnim's reputation means they are often picked for the task.


At least on the surface, the Vexnim follow a strict military chain of command. Their leader, Zûlna al-Vexnim, commands five generals that oversee different types of operations (war, protection, intelligence and covert operations, patrol, relations). These then have a chain of command that often places on need-to-know operations. Fortunately, the Vexnim usually have a lot of information available and share that with trusted operatives.   Typically, what kind of operation is required is more important than geographical position for the Vexnim. This is partially due to how they like to keep the structures separate. However, any member is generally allowed to speak freely about what they're doing to any one of their own rank or higher within a different branch, and someone of a rank two steps above them can demand to know what they know.


  • 1. Associate
  • 2. Operative
  • 3.Luitenant
  • 4. Captain
  • 5.Colonel
  • 6. General


The Vexnim seem to always be able to get hired for any mission they desire, giving them quite a fortune. However, the way they organise means they also have significant expenses in getting their members to where they're needed. In fact, many times outsiders might be given a temporary Associate status simply for being able to work with one of their members. Thus, an adventuring where one is a member of the Vexnim can get hired collectively for a specific mission.
Military, Mercenary Group
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