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Declaration of National Freedom of Aeirland


This document was written by Taryn Powli, an agent born in the former nation of Aeirland who grew up to lead Aeirland. She wrote this letter as a formal declaration of the budding nation's independence from Akrus, starting a civil war that they would end up losing just 4 years later, officially dissolving Aeirland.

Document Structure


This document is divided into three main sections, with the middle one being subdivided further. The first section is a simple declaration the Aeirland claimed itself officially as an independent nation. The second section details in over four pages of content the reasoning why, including oppressive government, civilian manipulation, unnecessary military intervention, and many more. The third section includes signatures from over twenty members of Aeirland's government, including Taryn Powli herself.


The document declared that if Akrus did not officially accept their independence and surrender all of the territory Aeirland had claimed as its own, then Aeirland would begin a war against Akrus. Akrus did not accept these terms, and Aeirland started a war that they would eventually lose due to low support and being entirely outnumbered.

Publication Status

This document was originally completely private, only intended to be seen by the governments of both nations, but is now publicly accessible to almost anyone who wants to read it.

Historical Details


This document was preceded by rising tension among all agents when they realized they were stranded on the planet of Ebelar, and could not reach any of their home planets, and the budding nations led to frequent fighting and more polarization between the nations. It resulted in a war that resulted in the majority of the population of the short lived Aeirland being killed, and any semblance of a nation being no more.

Public Reaction

Most people within Aeirland took it extremely positively, but those in Akrus widely viewed it as a declaration of total war and their territory and population being stolen.
Text, Letter
Authoring Date
34 AL
Expiration Date
38 AL


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