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Major language groups and dialects

The main language within the nation of Adci and that most Acdians speak is Cecceni, which is a language widely spoken throughout the Ceccene desert. Species specific languages are also common in the species that are most prevalent within this ethnicity, such as Sriitongue and Draconic. Common tongue is also frequently spoken.

Shared customary codes and values

Most strongly uphold an honor code, so much so that very rarely is law enforcement necessary. They value honesty and not cheating people, and so often their society can be considered somewhat odd as you rarely ever see police, guards, or anything of the sort, since they simply aren't necessary.

Common Etiquette rules

It is very common to offer water or other drinks to anyone who enters your home, as due to the hot average temperature and the scarcity of water beyond civilized area thirst is extremely common.

Art & Architecture

Adcians are famed for their creation of stunning tapestries depicting beautiful desert sceneries, and these tapestries are widely sold throughout the world, widely regarded as some of the finest mass produced art in the world. Their tapestries are highly sought after, and many people spend huge sums of money saving on them. One of the most famous is a piece by Kio Pix, a srirling tapestry maker. While not incredibly spectacular on its own, it has come to somewhat embody the whole of what Adcian tapestries are. It is a large fabric piece, 10 feet tall and four feet wide, and depicts a beautifully made desert scene, with the hints of a house on the skyline, and a cactus with a small lizard in the forefront. In the middle ground, spirits can be seen floating around, their glow richly detailed in the shading of the paint.

Major organizations

Adcians almost exclusively live within the nation of Adci, which is where they got their name. Adci is the most important organization for Adcians.


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