Lost Lands of Mjhalo

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When the Dragon Empire reached its zenith, war came to all corners of Zanjaroa. The forces of the Dragon Empire were too powerful though, and as its legions and flights of dragons prepared for a final push against the world, the Eight Sages acted. Combining their power, they weaponized time itself, and called an ancient meteor storm to strike the planet in the modern day. Their desperate gambit defeated the Dragon Empire, but left the world shattered. Now a broken world seeks to reconnect itself, their Sages absent, under fear that the Dragon Empire may have lived through the barrage as well as they...   The Lost Lands of Mjhalo is the first world book of Zanjaroa. In the southern hemisphere, its warm lands are dominated by savannah, desert, forests, and mangrove swamps. The people there were particularly hard hit, but have made steady recovery. Arrayed around them are the ruins of the past, deadly monsters, and strange things that came with the meteors that destroyed the old world.


The Lost Lands project is my Patreon and world building effort for the year. My patreon supporters have access to different levels of this (maps to previews to subscriber status) depending on their support level. At the end of the year, this will be exported to pdf format and go up for sale in my itch.io store.

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This entire project is designed to be system agnostic, meaning that with a bit of adjustment, it could be used with any RPG system that does fantasy from Dungeon World to 5e. Generic systems would also capture the world well, and give potential GM's and players more space to explore their interpretations of the setting.

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Since this is a Patreon and itch.io related operation, access to it is more restricted than normal. Only a few parts will be public facing (ever). Follow me on social media or support me on Patreon to get pre-release and development updates.