Discovery, Exploration

November 2nd, 1607

The ships carrying the colonists make landfall at a suitable location.

We have arrived in a safe harbor and disembarked the ships. I was very glad to place my boots on the sandy shore of the bay, the motion sickness had not been kind to me. Faruk Diya, the Guildhead of the Timekeeper's Guild, informed us all that the date was November second when we landed. To be honest, what with me taking ill, I had lost count of the days at sea. Our trans-ocean journey took us thirty two days by that reckoning. Thankfully we have arrived safely with all seven of our ships. After landing we honored the spirits of the sea and the land for bearing us safely and made respectful offerings to the native spirits of this new land. Then we set about the business of establishing our new home.   The harbor is at the juncture of river and sea just past a bend in the land. To the south there is a brackish bay where perhaps the river once emptied but no longer reaches. The land, covered in grasses and trees, slopes up from the ocean to meet a low mountain range not too distant.   The trees of this land bear large leaves of gold, red, brown and even purple in color. Many of those same leaves lie on the ground beneath as they would in autumn despite the fact that it should be spring. The river flows smoothly and supports a multitude of fish which will be a welcome source of food. The dirt is rich and loamy, good for planting farms and the grass looks good for grazing. The mountains in the distance look rounded and weathered and are covered with trees to a point and then naught but snow capped peaks above. This small spit of land is much sheltered and will do well to support us as we encamp and prepare to start our colony.

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