First New Year in Flint


January 1st, 1608

Happy New Year from Torakand!

Happy New Year from Torakand! It is dark and cold but spirits are up as we switch the calendar over from 1607 to 1608. Faruk Diya, the Guildhead of the Timekeeper’s Guild, organized a bonfire vigil for the solar clock. There was music and dancing through the dark hours as we waited for first sun. Alcohol and coffee both made their rounds along with plenty of bread baked with fire blooms which warmed us from the inside. Right before first sun Faruk stood ready at the edge of the solar clock and planted a tall, slender, pole on the ground. When the very top portion of the pole was illuminated by the sun’s first rays Faruk adjusted it slightly and motioned for help. Two burly folk quickly stepped up and started digging a hole in the ground. I recognized one of them as Brynhild, my smith companion from the Conflagration, who was making mighty headway over the gentleman next to them. Soon the hole was dug and the pole planted in it firmly. Then the sun crested the rise and caused the clock to cast its shadows. Faruk let out a whoop that sounded just like a roosters morning call and marked the new pole with the position of the New Year’s Day morning sun for 1608

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