Founding of Flint


December 3rd, 1607

The First Governor of Flint is sworn in marking the official founding of the Settlement of Flint, the first Imperial Colony on Torakand.

The Governor of Flint, a wise man by the name of Cornelius Bixby, was chosen before the ships were even loaded up with goods back in Sobukand. But he was not officially named as Governor until today. The Empresses had granted The Flint Company a charter that allowed the company to establish one settlement in the new land, but the charter did not take effect until one month and one day after arrival. The ceremony and pomp and circumstance around it were very pleasant although not near what would have happened on the mainland. The Governor to be saluted and bowed to the Field Marshal who then pinned the badge of office onto him and then promptly stepped two steps behind him. She didn’t really seem to be the sort to hand over power honestly, but the ceremony went just as it was planned. Platitudes were said which I have put into my official report but care not to repeat here in my private notes.   With Governor Bixby officially ensconced, the Guildheads held their first official meetings. I, being a learned man, reported to the Explorer’s Guild, lead by Guildhead Virgil Loman. The members of the Explorer’s Guild are responsible for discovering and recording all of the measurements and facts of the land. Other than working with pen and paper though I did not feel much like I belonged. Nevertheless, this was the bargain I had struck to secure my place and I set about being as helpful as possible. I was appointed guild secretary, a turn of fate that I suppose I should have seen coming.

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