Sinking of the Conflagration

Disaster / Destruction

October 29th, 1609

On this day the Conflagration was caught in a storm and sank enroute to Flint.

The Sea Serpent limped into the bay around midday today. Her mast was broken and she was missing several crew members. Zhou Cong, Captain of the Sea Serpent, reported that the hurricane caught them and that it was the most intense winds he had ever experienced. During this storm the Conflagration was cast upon some rocks, took on water and sank to the depths. It was only by the luck of the draw that the Sea Serpent and her crew did not suffer the same fate. The Sea Serpent is not fit to sail and it will take many weeks to affect repairs.   It is notable in hindsight that Florence Grey arrived on the Sea Serpent during this same voyage.

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