Episode Zero, Boarding

Gathering / Conference

August 12th, 1618

Location -- a small seaside town just south of Edevane in Sobukand   The Wellspring and the Obsidian dancer were loaded up by long boat... a process that took much longer than if the docks had been functional... but the loading was completed without incident. After final checks the anchors were raised and the sails unfurled. A celebratory cheer arose among the crew as well as the passengers as the next voyage to Flint was officially under way.

The people gathered to begin their journey to the colony of Flint. They came from all walks of life, from every far flung part of Sobukand, to this small seaside town. Their belongings were loaded onto the ships while they waited for their turn to go aboard.   The Wellspring and the Obsidian Dancer were anchored just off shore. Normally this transfer would have taken place in Edevane proper, but there had been a fire at the docks and the repairs prevented that.   While waiting for their turn to board the ships the travelers learned of several escaped creatures including the Snallygaster.   Just before boarding the ships the Harbormaster read the following letter aloud to the assembled travelers.  

In authorization of this, the 32nd and 34th oceanic crossing respectively of their ships, the Wellspring and the Obsidian Dancer, to their Colony of Flint on the continent of Torakand, their Imperial Majesties, Helena Lovantra and Landra Cadmar, do hereby and henceforth grant to you, the assembled colonists, their deepest and most respectful wishes for a most successful journey and prosperous new beginning in their Colony of Flint.   Signed on this day, the 12th of August, in the Seventy Second year of their Imperial Reign, Sixteen Hundred Eighteen.
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