Transport Ships

Eight Ships are currently in service transporting colonists to Flint and returning with trade goods for the Empire.   They are: The Obsidian Dancer, The Wise Oak, The Wellspring, The Zephyr, The Sea Serpent, The Golden Circlet, the Hibernia, and the Vanguard.   The Conflagration was lost at sea during a hurricane in October, 1609. There is an account of the sinking of the Conflagration  that was published by Jon Cuinn   This is an artist rendering of the cross section of this type of ship.  

Ship Cross Section
  Each of these ships is operated by an Officer and Crew consisting of a captain, 1st and 2nd mates, bosun, purser, navigator, carpenter, surgeon and fifteen sailors. Up to thirty five (35) passengers may be transported in relative comfort, though more can be housed if comfort is sacrificed and fewer trade goods are loaded.

Owning Organization
Empire of Sobukand
116 feet
120 tons
Complement / Crew
Captain, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate, Bosun, Purser, Navigator, Carpenter, Surgeon and 15 Sailors
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
35 passengers is a standard complement but actual numbers can go as high as 70 if needed or as low as zero if carrying mostly cargo


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