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The Story of Oddom and Loka

From Faedin myth, Oddom [pronounced Ode-om] is the first mother, and is represented by the world around us. Loka [pronounced Low-kah] is Oddom's daughter and is represented by the moon in the sky, always circling Oddom, as children to their mothers, separated, but never far away. Eventually, as with all things, Loka grew into womanhood in her own right and as with many families, Oddom and Loka had disagreements on many things in life. When to plant, what to cook, and how to sew are but a few of their myriad arguments. When their arguments grew so heated that Loka feared she would say something so hurtful as to forever break the bond between mother and daughter, she would turn her face away from Oddom (represented by the new moon) rather than speak the hurtful words. Oddom, upon seeing her daughter turn away in the heat of their argument, would wait patiently for tempers to cool and then ask that they reconcile (represented by the full moon).   The continent of Sobukand sits in the southern hemisphere of Oddom, and the newly discovered continent of Torakand sits in the northern hemisphere, approximately one month's travel across the Great Hegara Sea.

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Cover image: by Cait May


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