The Last King of Holthar

For as long as anyone can remember, Holthar was ruled by members of the Cadmar family. The very last King of that line was King Thomas Cadmar who was generally seen as a fair ruler and was a dominant force during the Kings Wars. He had three sons, James, Henry and Radcliff, and one daughter, Landra.   The Kingdom of Holthar was quite vast encompassing the Great Woods in the north west as well as a large piedmont region in the north east. Much of the coastline is rocky but there are several good deep water ports. Because the territory was so vast there were situated several great cities and each of these cities was presided over by one of King Thomas' children to help distribute the management duties of the large territory.   King Thomas Cadmar made his home in the capital, Goronwy Glen, which was a hub of trade and commerce in the middle of the Great Woods.   Edevane, a city known for its plentiful seafood, was run by Prince James Cadmar.   Sefasten, a heavily wooded territory known for its bountiful fruits, was run by Prince Henry Cadmar.   Rodorness along the north west coast of the piedmont was under the care of Prince Radcliff Cadmar.   Fernsby, a very temperate city that produces wonderful fabrics, was governed by Princess Landra Cadmar.   Princess Landra Cadmar is of course now Empress Landra Cadmar as she assumed leadership of Holthar when King Thomas passed and joined up with Empress Helene Lovantra from Sorjund to form the Empire we know today.


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