The Empresses of Sobukand

Empress Landra Cadmar and Empress Helene Lovantra married each other in 1548 to form the Empire of Sobukand. After years of negotiation with the various kingdoms of Sobukand, the Empire was formed under their joint rulership in 1551. While Empress Landra Cadmar approaches her 91st birthday, she appears to be no older than her mid 30s and is currently with child (this birth will be the sixteenth child of the two Empresses). Empress Helene Lovantra shares Empress Landra Cadmar's youthful appearance, even though she just celebrated her 90th birthday.   There are countless rumors that swirl around the Imperial capital of Cesare about how the Empresses have achieved this seeming eternal youth, but the truth is likely that powerful ritual magics have been used to maintain their youth and vigor. Being an Empress has its advantages.


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