Sorjunden Solstice Bun

by Donla Pheinkuk

While cocoa beans can now be found throughout the Sobukand Empire, few recipes using this delicious ingredient are as beloved as the Sorjunden Solstice Bun. Originating in the trade city of Tostief, the tradition of sharing these treats in the darkest nights of mid-winter has spread throughout the kingdom of Sorjund. Yeasted buns are popular fare for holiday celebrations, but the use of stout ale and bittersweet chocolate give the Sorjunden Solstice Bun a unique dark color that sets it apart. Stories say that this variation on the more traditional pretzel bun occurred by happenstance in some time ago in Tostief. According to legend, a baker – drunk with the mid-winter celebrations of the Tersolv holiday – accidentally spilt both his prized dark ale and treasured shipment of cocoa into a batch of rising bread dough. Finding his mistake in the cruel light of morning and not wishing it to go to waste, he made a batch of knotted breads and gave them out for free at the day’s festivities. Savory enough to enjoy dipped in melted cheeses but sweet enough to be an after- dinner treat, the innovative flavors of this new recipe surprised and pleased his neighbors and patrons. And so, they say, a new solstice tradition was born.   – Excerpt from A Traveler’s Guide to Sobukand by Donla Pheinkuk   For a full recipe on how to make these for yourself, follow this link to the Feast In Thyme article

Cover image: by Kristin Roberts


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