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Levantra Pass

The pass is named in honor of Empress Helene Lovantra and is the only easily navigable path from Flint into the interior of Torakand.   The pass was carved by the Wonlu River and had, for several years, a rudimentary road that wagons could traverse. The many switchbacks were treacherous during the colder months and the pass was often closed by ice or downed trees. That all changed in the winter of 1619 to 1620 though. For a full account of how the Levantra Pass got to be its present shape we recommend that you read the reports. To make a long story short though, the river is now passable by barges and shallow bottomed boats. The Wonlu is slow enough through here that canoe and craft can be paddled, or pulled by mules along the path.

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Cover image: by Cait May


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