Episode 2 Prologue, March 1619

by Angela, Andy, Chris, and Larry

A letter home...   To: Ostorjund, Svartump, Asbjørn Village, Forward Sorjund General, Reidar Tor Konixdotter, Levantran First Army, Retired   Father,   I hope this letter finds you and mother well. I was thrilled to hear that Arvid and his wife delivered a new niece for me in the spring. I don't foresee making it home to visit, but you knew that. Please send them, and Vegard, my regards. How is Vegard's post in Casere? I do hope the royal guard appointment is not treating him too softly. Several ships have made it successfully to Flint in the past months, with more new people than we've seen in years. There is a lot to keep up with here, and new issues arising all the time.   I didn't wear the dress mother sent, it met with...an unfortunate end not long after I put it on. But don't worry, Constance came up with a replacement quickly, so I was dressed well for the annual Governor's Dinner. I don't know what I would do without her. The dinner was about what you would expect, but word reached Flint of issues out on the homesteads.   You'll be proud to know, Father, that while our Military structure is still much looser than what you're used to on the mainland, we have no shortage of volunteers and adventurous (even noble!) souls who are ready to march in defense of Flint. I return to active duty for a while as the Major and others strike out to investigate the Leyton Homestead. May they return in safety and in haste.   I hope the summer is treating you well. I look forward to your next letter. It's snowing here now, and reminds me so much of home. Enjoy your next pot of mother's stew, I miss it more than anything.   With warmth,   Field Marshal Urfexa Konixdotter  

  Quartermaster’s Report   To the good people of Flint and its surrounding homesteads, I wish to display my utmost gratitude for the providing of quality goods in preparation for our journey. All of you worked very hard, and your labor will not go unrewarded. In the moons to come, we will hopefully discover even more of what lies beyond the Pass and uncover the wonders that exist there.   However, this prospect is bittersweet, as we have been dealt a blow at one of the most crucial of times. The wagons that were packed and stowed with the necessities for our expedition, have been raided. By whom specifically, we are not sure, but suspicions lie with the exiles as there was no evidence of animals or vermin to be found, and some of the locks on the wagons were picked or broken.   This would mark an instance where they were bold enough to sneak into Flint itself, which is until this point unheard of. At any rate, we lost many essentials, most importantly a large stock of our medicine and trade tools meant to help us sustain during the venture. As it so happens, this presents a crippling shortage and brings us below the readiness threshold I had set for us. I’m afraid to say that unless we get those supplies back, we will have to either cancel the expedition altogether, or postpone it until more provisions can be crafted.   The most ideal of situations would see those supplies recovered and returned by the end of the month, which would keep us on schedule.   I humbly request, that those who are able and willing, track down these goods, and possibly apprehend the ones responsible for taking them.   The Colony’s status despite this, remains healthy and well provided for.   Quartermaster Keane  
  Citizens of Flint,   My posse and I arrived in Leyton to find it completely abandoned. Food left on plates, laundry left drying on the clothesline, even quill and ink left out mid sentence on a letter. Despite having the posse fan out to investigate we found nothing. There are no clues as to what happened to the people of Leyton. It is illogical to assume they left willingly but there are no signs of a struggle. Our ritualists have tried their hand at what they could but no spirits have answered their calls or revealed what happened. Our trackers scoured the town and could not find any direction out of Leyton for a possibility to pursue further leads. We were expecting a battle for this rescue mission but instead have been met with nothing but mysteries. I am sending the full posse back. We did not bring enough supplies to have an extended camp here. With no livestock or game in the area it would be difficult to keep the posse fed let alone provide for the entire town when we find them. I will stay behind with two other soldiers that we draw straws for. We will keep watch on the town to see if whoever or whatever has vanished our people return or if any clues can be uncovered. With less people I hope it will be easier to trick whatever malevolent force is at work into thinking we have all returned to Flint.   Please hurry back. We need a larger force here to find our people. Bring any supplies or weapons you think may help. We were woefully under equipped to handle this tragedy. Do not make the same error I did.   ~Major Cullens  
  Cornelius Note:   To: Salali Akilah, Ministry of Imperial Intelligence From: Cornelius Bixby, Governor, Flint Colony   Dear Minister Akilah,   Owing to unexpectedly harsh weather during this past winter, future shipments of wellstones will be delayed by several months as mining operations at Leyton have yet to resume and the Levantra Pass remains blocked with snow making moving any wellstones already in Leyton impossible until the Pass clears.   I remain,   Respectfully Yours, Cornelius Bixby Governor, Flint Colony


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