The content on these pages is possible thanks to the hard work of many individuals. We would like to extend a special thank you to the following people who contributed to the writing of this lore:  

  • Rebecca Hines
  • Joseph Hines
  • Larry Wile
  • Angela Griffin
  • Chris Stephens
  • Barbara Perez Marquez
  • Cristofer Picado
  • Dave McCormick
  • Ben Theis
  • Michelle Theis
  • Andy Randolph
  • Evin Hodges
  • Lee Gelwicks
  The following individuals also contributed as editors, sensitivity readers, and/or special advisers along the way:  
  • Jen Calderon
  • Michael "Adam" Underwood
  • Cait Woods
  • Safrianna DeGroat
  • Joshua Lindover


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