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Chartering the Imperial Region of Flint, January 1620

Their Imperial Majesties, Landra Cadmar and Helene Lovantra, by the grace of the spirits, Empresses of the combined Realms of Holthar, Sorjund, Teyen , Feldland, Terradinum, Liber, Bidawa Hadir, and Ziel, and defenders of these most sacred lands, do hereby, at the humble request of Our loving and well-disposed subjects, having previously, by our letters-patent, bearing the date 1609 in the 58th year of our reign, granted to Cornelius and Constance Bixby and the Flint Trading Company the right to found a Colony, and to make habitation and industry of said Colony in that part of Torakand, commonly called Flint and other parts and territories in Torakand, either appertaining to Us, or which are not actually possessed by any peoples, bounds, or nations, RECOGNIZE the Colony of Flint as a fully vested and established Imperial Region, equal in stature and standing to those Imperial Regions already recognized by their Imperial Majesties.   With such Imperial RECOGNITION, the following Grants, Privileges, and Liberties are forthwith GRANTED to Cornelius and Constance Bixby, and others, for the more speedy Accomplishment of the said Industry and Habitation of Flint and its surrounding environs and the quiet settling and good governance therein:   1) With the RECOGNITION of Flint as a fully vested and established Imperial Region, the Colonial Charter of the Flint Trading Company is hereby made null and void by proclamation of their Imperial Majesties.   2) Cornelius Bixby is hereby installed as the first Regional Governor of Flint, fully vested with the authority GRANTED him by their Imperial Majesties to, in respect to the great charge and adventure he and his wife undertook 11 years prior, and having hazarded their lives in discovery, habitation, and industry of the lands of Flint and its environs, carry out the will of their Imperial Majesties as well as the will of Our loving and well-disposed subjects.   3) For their steadfast service to the Empire, Cornelius and Constance Bixby are hereby ennobled as Marquis and Marquesa of Flint (Holtharan) / Greve and Grevinna of Flint (Sorjunder) with all the Grants, Rights, Privileges and Liberties there unto.
Decree, Governmental
Signatories (Organizations)

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