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A Dinner Adventure On The Shores of Torakand

By Donla Pheinkuk
This summer, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Annual Governor's Dinner in the young colony of Flint. Braving the rough waters across the sea to the shores of Torakand, where it was deep in the throes of winter, I was kindly greeted by the hospitality of Governor Cornelius Bixby and his wife, Constance Bixby as a special guest to the lovely event.   The Annual Governor’s Dinner promotes community in the tight knit but wholly diverse young settlement. Like much of the town around it, the space was well-appointed, simple in decoration but more than welcoming in warmth. Most of all, the citizens had come together to create a grand feast full of variety that reflects the cultural melting pot of my surroundings. This potluck meal is fitting for this burgeoning community, coming together to stabilize the land and forge new lives for themselves and their families in this new land. Of course, I had to sample everything and talk to everyone!  

A Diversity in Dinner

  All of the food on display was delicious, and it is rare to see such an incredible spread. Few items bore further inspection. I had to know more!   I could not get enough of the Beef Stew and spaetzle noodles. The chef, Danika by name, explained that it had been marinated for three days in white wine, garlic, and – most surprising – juniper berries! Paired with small noodles and red cabbage-apple slaw, this comforting dish is familiar yet special all at once.   Albrecht von Wisenschaft introduced the party to the oft misunderstood cuisine of Terradinum with his Cavern Blossoms Stuffed with Ubuk Larvae. Both savory and scrumptious, I will admit I likely had more than my share of those delicate fungal morsels.   Several other dishes stood out, but I am remiss to say I had not the chance to interview their makers. To the chefs behind the roasted root vegetables, the citron rum cake, and of course the baklava, you have my praise and salutations!  

Looking to the Future

  It is clear the town of Flint is at an important turning point in its development. No longer just a small settlement of the Empire, the potential for growth and expansion is ever present among its population. Virgil Ambrose, one of the citizens I had the pleasure of speaking with, described Torakand as a “wondrous, unique place”. Amidst tales of creatures of unusual size and a variety of mushroom species, Mr. Ambrose expressed his eagerness to learn more about the environment with a look of unmitigated excitement. While it may be frightening to some, it is a natural world that can come to be understood with study and observation.   Further citizens emphasized the sheer scale of the creatures they have encountered in this place. (More than one informed me of people-sized crab that could make a delicious entrée fit for royalty!) Field Marshal Urfexa Konisdotter, an 11-year resident of Flint and one of the longest standing citizens I spoke with, described everything in this New World as bigger and stronger, from the creatures to the magic of the land itself. She came to Flint in search of new opportunities, and will remain here to keep the town and its people safe as the community grows.   What is next for Flint? I cannot say, but I can’t wait to find out. Most importantly however, I need to learn more about a local type of yellow grain that grows in large stalks, but that will be a story for another day.   To the Spirit of Adventure!

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Cover image: by Cait May


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