An Introduction to Loshart

Welcome to your Worst Nightmare. Have fun!

An Introduction to Loshart

I think I'm having a mid-writing crisis.
— Projekt, 7/17/2021 at 12 AM

About the Idiot

A Moral Nihilist, Sadist, and Pessimist. A great combo for a world builder.   Name:
Pro-jekt, It's really not that hard to remember.   Likes:
Being a Dumbass.
Eating Orphans

The Meta of Loshart


  • To have something to do when I'm bored.
  • To show off my CSS stealing, and Writing abilites.
  • To make something that I'm truly proud of.


The entire realm that Loshart sits on. Shall be explained in depth, and with detail. I will also explain every realm that's apart of Loshart.

Though, the main scope shall rest upon Loshart and the current circumstances that it finds itself in.

The Themes of Loshart

Nothing comes for Free
Every miracle, victory, and accomplishment comes with a price. Be it dying young, or the wrath of every god simultaneously.

Nobody is Equal
Bigotry, Sexism, and Racism run rampant in Loshart. You'd be lucky if you didn't run into it.

Corruption is everywhere.
No matter if you run an entire empire, or a small organization, there will be corruption within. It is inevitable, and you must accept it and fight it.

Reality is a cruel and unforgiving mistress.
Reality shall, and will, break you down and destroy everything you may hold dear.

"Good" and "Bad" are Subjective
"Good" can be saving people from a fire,
"Good" can also be fighting a pointless war.
"Bad" can be torturing war criminals for information,
"Bad" can also be fighting a war on poverty.   It's often a matter of perspective. What's good for you, can be bad for me. Vice Versa as well.    

Loshart's Genre

The Genre is going to be Dark Fantasy with a horror hook on things. Like a lot of Fantasy worlds, there will be Fantastical elements here and there. But by no means will those take the center-stage of Loshart. I much prefer Realism in my Fantasy cocktail rather than Surrealism. But do remember, this is all fake in the end, and nothing should be taken seriously.

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Horror


I've imagined Loshart being a Grim-Dim world.  
Boldt J. Noble Knight Gray Bleak Grim
Bright Noble-Bright Knight-Bright Gray-Bright Bleak-Bright Grim-Bright
Glow Noble-Glow Knight-Glow Gray-Glow Bleak-Glow Grim-Glow
Core Noble-Core Knight-Core Gray-Core Bleak-Core Grim-Core
Dim Noble-Dim Knight-Dim Gray-Dim Bleak-Dim Grim-Dim
Dark Noble-Dark Knight-Dark Gray-Dark Bleak-Dark Grim-Dark



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