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Loria is the fantasy world that my WIP interactive fiction novel 'Secrets of the Grimoire' will take place in. The story is set in the fictional country of Harland which is inspired by Victorian England. There is long-standing animosity between them and their neighboring country Mostonia. Harland is a region rich with resources and used to be owned by the Mostonian Empire about 80 years ago because of this. Harland made an alliance with the technologically superior Shaochang across the sea, and by the cunning of a Harlish (upper-classman) tricked Mostonia into freeing Harland from it's clutches. Harland has remained allies with Shaochang, which also brought an Industrial Revolution to Harland, making it a formidable opponent to Mostonia.   Harland developed a somewhat Democratic state to break away from Mostonia's monarchy and Mostonia's gods were also cast out. A new worldview thrived throughout Harland encouraging cooperation and freedom. Harland soon became a place of refuge to many Dorchana clans. Dorchana are a nomadic race with a high population in the lands of the Mostonian Empire. They are persecuted by the Mostonian people because of their magically abilities.   Magic manifests differently in different regions and in different sects of people. Harland's main form of magic exists through alchemy. Mostonia is known for being void of magic. The Dorchana people use Arcane Circle magic, using crystals and Grimoire's as conduit's. And the people of Shaochang use magic connected to life energy.