Saddle Spores

Saddle Spores is the common name for a fungal infection that plagues the Badlands, particularly dragon riders who are prone to chafing.

Transmission & Vectors

Airborn spores can grow in open sores.


The condition starts as a red, bumpy area spreading out from the open sore. The bumps eventually become itchy, irritated blisters, which burst painfully. The affected area will spread, darkening to a deep brown with purplish bruising. The flesh can then become necrotic, which can result in required amputations or, if it spreads under the skin far enough, death.


The symptoms can be treated - pain, itchiness, etc. However, their is still no known fugicide that can kill the infection without poisoning the person afflicted.


Approximately 36.7% of those who are infected can fight it off. Another 38.6% require the removal of large portions of infected muscle and skin, or even entire limbs and/or organs. The remaining 24.7% die from the infection.

Affected Groups

Saddle Spores is one of the leading causes of death for dragon riders on Lore.


It is necessary to find and treat all injuries with a probiotic cream containing a mixture of beneficial and neutral microbes, which create a barrier to the fungal infection.


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