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Lordston was born from the ashes of the prestigious country of Lorfton. Lorfton had been an extremely advanced country with sophisticated robots and equipment. The population was happy and prosperous. It was not without its faults though, but it managed to keep in check the tides of evil. That is, until the Immortal Flame Revolution, the birth of Lordston.   Now the country of Lordston is a country in turmoil. Thousands upon thousands have died in the revolution, and the new government has gone into a military state for the time being. However, the Immortal Flame movement was still popular, and a religious cult spawned from them.   Currently, the military is a subservient of the religious state, and they enforce the religious leaders wishes. The population is still split on the new government. The religion seems to be very popular with the younger generations, while the older generation seems mostly against it. But, being a state religion, they need to bow to the state in order to live.