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The Races of Kaena

There exist many races in the world of Kaena. The Imperium Vulcanalia categorizes these sapient creatures in four ways:   First, there are the Enlightened Races. These are the races most familiar to Dwarves, such as Humans and Elves. They have received a divine touch and are respectable and capable of living in harmony with all. With them, and afforded perhaps more respect and awe than their Enlightened brethren, are the Magicked Races. Peoples such as the Daeva, Efreeti, and Deku who carry obvious sparks of arcane magic within them. How they were created is a mystery, but they are a wonder to most.   There are also Bestial Races, sapient creatures with the shapes and forms of animals such as the Grippli, Simba, Rat Folk, and Badgerkin. Though they carry no trace of the Divine and are not the same as the Enlightened Races, they are held in fine regard as allies and companions.   Finally there are the Abominable Races, creatures such as the Goblins and Orcs who appear sapient but are so strange and frightening to many of the Enlightened Races (Dwarves, mostly, if we are being honest), that they are held as little more than things to be looked down upon and avoided no matter how sophisticated or good natured they may be. However, the people of Kaena are by and large a welcoming sort, and even the most frightening Abominable creature will be welcomed and cared for when the initial reaction of shock or fear has been put to rest.    


  THE BADGERKIN: The Badgerkin are a Bestial Race of man sized badger-men native to Edelweiss. They are fearless warriors and keepers of ancient lore they know by verse and poetry, but when their terrible wroth overcomes they are as dangerous to friend as they are to foe.   THE BEAR CLAN: Strong and wise, the Bear Clan are both a Bestial Race that hail from the dark forests of Tcharnovog. There they are known as guardians of nature and healers of men, who use their magicks to talk to animals and commune with the divine.   THE DAEVA: The Davea are a Magicked Race from Avestan who have a deep connection to the Ahuran Elves. No one knows where they come from or why they are here, and this mystery has given them a shady reputation in many parts of the world. Still, those that have met a Daeva have known them to be wondrous beings.   THE DWARVES: An Enlightened Race, the grandest of them all, really, who broke out of the earth from their underground kingdoms of stone and conquered the world near two millennia ago. They lead the Imperium Vulcanalia. Militaristic and ingenious, they say there are no people in the world who can stand against them.   THE EFREETI: A Magicked Race from the great deserts of Khayu, the Efreeti are children of the desert son who most peoples don't believe really exist at all. Those who do believe they exist believe they carry with them a divine piece of the Sun.   THE ELVES: The Elves are an Enlightened Race who were once masters of the world. Their vast KIngdom had conquered the entire continent of Casval, but they fell to the coming of the Dwarves. These former Kings of the Cosmos now live as subjects to an Empire they hate.   THE GNOLLS: A Bestial Race from the grasslands of Iwisa, the Gnolls are feared across most of the world by those who have heard stories of their savage ways. In actual fact, Gnolls are fierce and devoted companions who place the greatest value their family clans.   THE HALFLINGS: Former slaves in Khayu, the Halflings are an Enlightened Race who have found freedom after Khayu was conquered by the Elves in ancient times. They are the cleverest of workers and the most charming of companions.   THE HUMANS: The most common Enlightened Race in Kaena, the Humans are ubiquitous in every corner of the world. They come in endless variety of race, creed, and colour and possess the potential for the best and the worst in the peoples of Kaena.   THE LIZARDMEN: A wise and thoughtful Bestial Race from Sinanju who follow what they call the Thousandfold Thought, a path of inner peace that will banish the Great Darkness from the world. They were conquered by the Elves in ancient times, and the two races have never lived at ease since.   THE MERFOLK: The Merfolk are a Magicked Race who live in undersea kingdoms unknown to most of the rest of the world. They mostly trade with the people of Kynos' city states, where they are famed for their melodious songs, colourful and vibrant works of art, and inspiring magicks to rouse the soul.   THE NAIADS: A Magicked Race that is said to have originated from the pairing of a Merfolk Princess and a Human sailor lost at sea. They have the molodious magicks of the Merfolk and the adventurous spirits of Humans.   THE RATFOLK: The Ratfolk are an chivalrous, honest, and pious Bestial Race from Edelweiss. They take great care to see to the welfare of others, and are great sources of ancient lore and endless good cheer.   THE RATTATOSK: Cousins of the Ratfolk, the Rattatosk are a Bestial Race from The Volsunleid. They are trickier than Ratfolk, and love to sit around posing clever questions and riddles to one another and to solve the most difficult of puzzles.   THE SIMBA: Warriors of few words who live on the Great Grass Sea of Iwisa, the Simba are a Bestial Race who are prized world wide for the strength of not only their arms, but the strength of their loyalty as well.   THE SKINWALKERS: Skinwalkers are an Abominable Race and the bastard child of Vampyr and Man. Though the children are innocent of the sins of their sires, Skinwalkers carry a heavy stigma in Leiren where they are best known. Most Skinwalkers suffer by their lineage as though it were an affliction or a curse.   THE WITAN: The Witan are a Magicked Race born in Edelweiss and touched by light and Heaven. There are many superstitions surrounding the Witan, such as they can see through any lie and to cross one is to be damned to Hell. Though this is patently untrue, many Witan find themselves the object of worship to superstitious people.  


  THE DEKU: The Deku are a Magicked Race of creatures made of bark, plants, and tree matter. They live mostly in Sanctuary in the New World, where they serve as guardians of nature and live in harmony with the Pixies of the forest.   THE GOBLINS: An Abominable Race who live throughout the New World. They have big eyes and bigger mouths and are fascinated by fire, leading many to believe they aren't truly sapient creatures. In fact, they are common Colosseum fodder for the Imperium. Those who get to know Goblins will find them to be inquisitive, innocent, and welcoming by nature.   THE GRIPPLI: The Grippli are a frog-like Bestial Race who live in the wetlands of the Swale. They serve as keepers and purifiers of the waters of the New World, as well as guardians of the path to Sanctuary and are its first line of defence.   THE HOBGOBLINS: The Hobgoblins are an Abominable Race who live in the mountains and craigs of the New World, and they are the only race who truly deserve their title. Hobgoblin society is structured around insatiable cruelty and vicious master-slave relations. They kill without reason, and are seen by all as a blight on the land.   THE HUMANS: An Enlightened Race that lives throughout the whole world, the men of the New World are more primitive than their Old World brothers. Here they live in primitive clans and tribes deep within mountain caves, or else they have been integrated into the societies of the other races where they live together mostly in peace. They have no advanced societies of their own in the New World, and are seen as savages little better than Goblins by the Imperium.   THE KOBOLDS: A lizard-dog-like Bestial Race who are happiest in the thick forested plateaus of the north-east of the New World. Like Goblins, the races of the Old World see little value in their lives and often put them to fighting in the Colosseums. Kobolds by nature are adventurous and daring, and spend their lives climbing their mountain homes just to see what lies on the other side of the next hill.   THE ORCS: The Orcs are an Abominable Race of the Farplains who live together in small, nomadic tribes. They come together to form a grand Confederacy of tribes in a complex ceremonial rite where every Orc is expected to vote on the best path for their kind. The Imperium is sure that war with the Confederacy is inevitable, but the Orcs seem to be content to live together.   THE PIXIES: The Pixies are a Magicked Race who are believed to be the embodiment of natural magick in Kaena. They are rarely seen in Kaena outside their home of Sanctuary, where they live in close harmony with the Deku.   THE SHALE: The Shale are at once a Abominable and Magicked Race, grotesque gargoyle-like monstrosities crafted by Hobgoblin sorcerers in ancient times. Their history of pain and violence hides the heart of a noble race thirsty for knowledge and simple solitude.  


  THE ARISEN: The Arisen are undead skeletons whose bones have been accidentally ensouled during a necromancer's dark rite. There is no one sort of Arisen, as they can be anything.

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