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The Danse Macabre

The Danse Macabre is a supernatural event that occurs at irregular intervals when all the evil magic of the world converges in one location, drawing the most wicked men and women to its side for some unknown evil purpose.   Though few who witness the Danse live to speak of it, survivors have told stories of the horrors they saw. They speak of the air being filled with screaming spirits tormented by unseen devils, of frolicking skeletons bursting from their resting places as though their climbed their way out of Hell, and of the smell of brimstone so thick on the air that it chokes every living thing who breathes it. They speak of a blackest night, of a dark only dreamed of. They tell of a ghastly creeping green death, and of their nightmares made real. Worst of all, hey tell of normal men and women, good folk who were known to them all their lives, driven mad by the Danse and made to commit unspeakable acts of violence and hate.   And strangest if all, some say they witnessed two ethereal hands dancing in the sky, darker than dark, conducting the slaughter as though it were set to some infernal music that only it could hear. If there is some being behind the Danse Macabre, no one knows who or what it is though many say it is the work of some demon king.  

Known Danses

All but a handful of the known occurrences of the Danse to have taken place in the west of the continent of Leiren, most commonly in the kingdoms of Edelweiss and Tcharnovog. This is not always the case, and some Danses have been recorded as far away as Iwisa on the continent of Casval.  

4814: The Danse at Godunov

The Danse at Godunov was foretold by a druid of the Bear Clan, Boris Prokofiev, one of the Great Heroes of Kaena. He and his companions prepared for the great swell of evil and hallowed the ground around the city's great cathedral where the cowering townsfolk had taken shelter. Despite their efforts to hold fast in the face of evil, they were overwhelmed by the leaders of the Danse and their demonic minions. Despite the appearance of an angel to defend the city, t was set ablaze and its people slaughtered as the mad Danse reached a fever pitch. By morning the Great Heroes were dead and the city lay in utter ruin. It would take nearly a centuries for the city of Godunov to rebuild what it had lost that night.   This Danse claimed the lives of Anastasia Leonidova, Idunn Leifsdottir, and Wolfgang von Durnstein as well as Boris. It is said that the God King of Edelweiss came to Godunov in the wake of the slaughter to retrieve the body of his fallen Paladin, Wolfgang.

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