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The Arisen

Old bones rattle and shake as they are knit together by unseen arcane energy that bind the dead to their new Lord. These foul things are soulless creatures, like dolls of the dead without thoughts or desires of their own and bound to do a Necromancer's bidding. But, every now and then, something goes wrong in their creation. A soul, a whole or a part of one or fragments of many, are trapped in the black magick and become bound to the chosen bones. These creatures are called the Arisen, and they have been given both a blessing and a curse with their strange new gift of life.   Most Arisen are crazed and frightened at the moment of their creation, their senses not returning to them for many months or even years, and unknowingly slay their would-be masters before wandering out into the world to find their own way. Others suffer in silence for many long years, doing as their master commands, until they can simply take no more and must find a way to leave their life of bondage.   Necromancers are common throughout Kaena and so an Arisen's body can be made of the skeleton of any sapient race, so long as they possess bones to ensoul.    


  • Ability Score Modifiers: The Arisen possess the ability modifiers of their body's original race.
  • Size: The Arisen retain the size of their body's original race.
  • Type: The Arisen are Outsiders with the Native subtype.
  • Base Speed: 30 Feet regardless of their body's original speed. Winged Arisen cannot fly with skeletal wings.
  • Languages: An Arisen begin play speaking Common and the natural language of the Necromancer that created it. Arisen may choose any additional language when they meet the requirements to do so.
  • Body of Bones: Arisen begin with DR 1/Bludgeoning at Level 1, and as the arcane energy that sustains their bodies coalesce into their bones they gain an additional point of DR every other level (DR 10/Bludgeoning at Level 20). At level 5 they become immune to the effects of the cold, but not to cold damage from spells or weapons. An Arisen does not need to breathe air to sustain itself.
  • Darkvision: Arisen can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Frightening Appearance: Arisen naturally frighten living people and animals, and gain a -4 racial penalty to Diplomacy and Handle Animal checks, as well as a +4 racial bonus to Intimidation checks, if they are discovered to be Arisen or if they never hide that fact at all.
  • Negative Energy Affinity: An Arisen is a being of death and so reacts positively to negative energy and is healed by it, while positive energy harms it.
  • A Life Unforgotten: An Arisen's mind retains no memory of what it was, but the body is not so fast to forget. An Arisen may select one standard racial trait from its body's list of traits.
Scientific Name
Sceletus Vulgaris
Exile's Path
Fiendish Facade
Fiend Sight
Fury of the Tainted
Heroic Will
Monstrous Mask
Seen and Unseen
Shadowy Dash
Terrifying Mask
Wicked Valor

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