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Chapter Nineteen: Well... that went well.

As you can surmise, they both got punished for sneaking out.   (Nothing much, just put to use doing unpleasant chores and tasks that I made up.)   About a week or so after, Connor walks into my study as I was writing a few documents for the King of Scaldalferin   (I am still a Ambassador)     "Hey... I need to tell you something, but I want you to promise that you won't tell mom." he said before shutting the door behind him     "That would depend on what you have to say: if you said you were thinking suicidal thoughts, then I would tell your mom.   But if you said you were falling in love with a certain Dragoness then your secret is safe with me." I said to him     "How did you?..." he asked then drifting off     "I have my ways, anyway What did you want to tell me?" I asked my son   "Uhh... Yes, Ava and I are... Together." he said awkwardly     "Well, she is a very nice girl your age, plus the fact that you are best friends... I would assume that you made love?" I asked to make him panic.   "N-no! We slept together, but not like that!" he said hurriedly     "I know, and I will keep your secret." I said     "So, you won't tell?" he asked     "No, and I can keep secrets from your mother quite effectively." I said     Then he noticed something... I was writing with my right hand     "I thought you were left handed." he said   "I am, I use my right for official documents." I explained     "So you have two handwritings?" he asked     "Yes, my left for everyday use as Cane Hemway.   The other for official paperwork of Ambassador Hemway of Scaldalferin." I said     I pulled out two blank pieces of paper from my desk, and with a enchanted pen in both hands: signed my name.     "I have one condition for you Connor, for me to keep your secret." I said   "What?"   "Never hurt Ava, she deserves the love and respect I know you can give her." I said, laying out my terms     "Deal." he said without hesitation       And so the deal was struck, I never told Heyla.   And Ava told a member of her family as well: Venice, her brother.     And for five years they would meet in secret.   In that time: Heleena and Truvo had another baby, a elven girl. And they named her Abigale (Or just Gale for short)   She also has the healing gift. and she has her mother's raven hair, and her father's ruby eyes.   (Now back to Connor and Avanna)   Over the years, I would check on them from time to time   They were always relaxed and comfortable with each other, but they didn't have sex.   Then one night, when they were sixteen, Connor took a different route to the cavern for no apparent reason.   "Hmmm... Where is he going?" I mumbled to myself as I followed   He went to the cathedral.   And he spoke with the priest.   I didn't hear the conversation, but soon afterwards, Connor left and I was walking next to him (invisible) as he ran to the cavern.   Ava was sitting on one of the two chairs that they brought in there   He went to her and kissed her.   "I want to ask you something..." he said to her     (ohhh, now he has the balls to ask!) my cloak said in my head     "Really? Well I have one of my own." She said   "Oh, you first then." he said   "Do you want to get married?" she asked him     "Well... Funny thing is that I was going to ask if you would marry me" he said     "Oh. Wow really! Yes! Yes! I will!" she said excitedly   "Tonight?"   "Sure, why not? No better time than the present!"   They both went to the cathedral and the priest was waiting for them   He saw me through the cloak and gave me a wink.     "Are you sure this is what you want to do?" he asked them   "Yes" the said in unison   He went on to explain the Voidling marriage ritual to them   "Are you absolutely sure that this is who you want to spend eternity with? Last chance." he said, giving one last warning.   "I am sure" said Ava   "As am I" said Connor   "Then, hold still." he said before cutting them, mixing blood, removing souls, sliceing the two and splicing together the two halves of each to the other.   (The souls turned a vibrant gold, signifying that Then really were meant for each other)     "I now pronounce you: A Harpon and a Dragoness, a married couple." he said   They kissed, thanked the priest for his help and discretion, and left.   I followed them to the cavern   And I heard the two speak:   "We should at least tell your parents that we did this" Ava said   "I don't think my family would take too kindly to us getting secretly married in the middle of the night" Connor said   "And my parents will kill us both when they find out." Ava said   He touched her face with his hand and whispered softly   "... Ava, I will always love you, no matter what your family does." he said   His eyes began to glow as her looked at her.     "I love you too Connor." Ava said.   They kissed, then Connor stopped.   "I almost forgot, I have a surprise for you." he said   "Oooh I love a good surprised!" she said turning around     His form shifted from Harpon... To a Dragon.     (He had reversed engineered the spell that she and her family used, and added his own unique style to it.)     He still had feathered wings, but they were Dragon sized.   And his tan skin turned into black scales.     "Now I can be with you, in both of your forms." he said in a voice much deeper than his normal     He did cut a very nice draconic figure     "Oooh, now your voice sounds really sexy!" Ava said before kissing his scaly face     She then shifted form to her Draconic one.   (They were almost the same size as Her parents, however Vaskin and Rivarna were older, and thus much more dangerous.)   She brushed her neck against his.   His scales rattled longingly as his draconic form reacted to her touch.   (I'm sure they can figure it out) I thought to myself as I walked away.   (I was spying on them, but even I have some decency, it was their first time after all)     Early next morning: Connor and Avanna snuck in the house through the back door and saw me waiting for them.   Her parents were aware that she was going to stay here for a few days   (At my request, for I saw this coming)   "Good morning you two, and how do you feel this wonderful morning?" I asked   They both looked very tired and exhausted from the night before.   And before they could say anything: I interrupted   "Just say you both had nightmares, and could not sleep, so you both went on the roof to gaze at the stars" I said   "Why?" asked Ava   "It explains why you are dirty, the lack of sleep, and the fact that you two were together." I explained   "Does he know?" she asked Connor   "Yeah, he does" Connor replied   "Hey Dad, is Mom anywhere nearby?" Connor asked me   "She said she was going to be down soon" I said before handing out plates of breakfast   (eggs and bacon)   "Mmm, thank you." Ava said as she took the plate I gave.   "You are welcome."   I pulled out a large black scale from my cloak and set it on the counter.   "Is this yours?" I asked Connor   "Uhh, I have no clue what you are talking about." he said, dodging the question     "And my eyes are brown, if you are going to lie to me, at least be convincing." I said     A few minutes later, Heyla came downstairs wearing her blue robe.   "Oh hi, you two." she said looking at Connor and Avanna   "Hi" said Ava   "Nether one of us got much sleep last night. So we are up early." said Connor   Heyla sat down next to me and stole my fork   "Nightmares?" she asked   They looked at each other and then Heyla.   "No, but now that you both are here, Connor and I want to tell you something" said Ava     "For the last five years... Connor and I have been having a secret relationship between us." Ava started   Heyla said nothing.   "And we (as of last night) got married"   Heyla said nothing, which did not bode well.   "We told a few people about our relationship, but they will remain nameless." said Connor   I could feel her emotions as I was next to her   She was getting upset, the fact that they didn't trust her to support them was the most upsetting.   Had she been told from the start, she would have been happy to support them   She bent the fork with her thumb and stood up.   "If you have told me... I wouldn't have to do THIS!" she said as she lunged at them   I intercepted her attack and pinned her to the wall   "Go! Now!" I yell at the young couple   They scrambled out the door   Heyla took advantage of my pinning and lifted her legs and dug her talons in my knees   We were stuck together   "I was one of the two that were told." I said   "And you never told me!" she said   "I promised Connor I wouldn't, and if I didn't keep my word, what kind of person would that make me?" I said   "...true... That is very true." She said     We were stuck together for a awkward amount of time   "So... How are you doing?" I asked   "Mildly angry, but I am okay." she said   "Is there anything you want to do while we are stuck like this?" I asked her   "Well, I do have a itch on my tummy that is annoying me." she said   "Hmmm... Tell you what: if you let go of my knees, I will set you down." I said   "Deal." she said as her claws released   I gently set her down   She scratched the itch on her muscled stomach   (yes, Heyla has abs.)   and then she saw the damage to my knees that she inflicted.   I then hugged her.   "Why are you hugging me?" Heyla asked   "I'm so sorry! I never wanted a fight, I just wanted..." my throat clenched up   I was upset, not at her, but at myself.   "Please forgive me!" I say   Both of our sets of emotions were swapped.   She hugged me back   "I didn't want this to happen either, I forgive you." she said   Then my damaged knees buckled, and my grip on her slipped.   She tried to catch me, but she was caught off guard by the sudden change in my stance.   My head smacked into the tile floor and I knocked myself out.     I woke up in Heyla's lap, looking up her body.   "Hi..." I groaned   "Cane! You are awake!" she said happily   "How long was I out?" I asked her   "About twenty minutes." she said   Then a thought crossed my mind: Where else were they going to go today? To her parents of course.   "We need to stop them!" I said before my knees burned with pain.   "Why?" Heyla asked   "Because they are going to tell her parents the same thing that you and I got told." I said   "And if I overreacted, then (gasp) you are right! We need to stop them!" she agreed   I spent the next five minutes just healing the wounds to a point where I could walk.   "Oh, for divines sake!" Heyla said before picking me up and going upstairs   We got to our bedroom and she got dressed.   We opened the fourth floor balcony door, and flew out (I using my cloak)   We flew to the cavern that Vaskin and Rivarna call home.   We, covered by the cloak : entered the cavern.   We found them too late, Vaskin and Rivarna were already enraged by the news and they attacked.   But they were both tackled from the side by a smaller Dragon   Venice, fought ferociously taking them by surprise.   "Go! Now!" he said as he fought.   Connor and Avanna ran as requested.   Claws slashed, tails whipped, teeth crunched   Then all three of them were bloody, brused, and angry.   "Why did you save her?!?" demanded Rivarna   "Because I love my sister, so what if she married her best friend?" Venice said   "And if loving someone who cares for you is a crime... Then you two are not worth the little time I have left." he said before coughing up blood.   (for a Dragon, that is a very bad sign)   He walked past Heyla and I, and left, taking to the sky.   (I saw that the fight against his parents had re-opened the flaw in his soul, and shortened his lifespan significantly)   He flew south, and I didn't see where his adventure took him.   I limped to the two Dragons using Heyla for support   "What have you done?" I asked them   "What are you doing here?" Vaskin asked me   "I was going to stop them from going here, but I was too late." I said   "And now, not only have you terrified your daughter, but you have lost your son." I said   "Yeah way to point out the obvious Cane." said Rivarna   "And if YOUR son had not... Corrupted her ideals... We wouldn't even be here." said Vaskin, stretching his bloody wings   "Is it a crime for a Dragon to marry a non Dragon?" asked Heyla   "Four hundred years ago it was a common practice, then the Grey Dragon Razakin got engaged to a princess and then the destruction of Kavar by the undead.   Razakin was a madman who raised the issue of draconic kind, and so the Draconic Council ruled that no Dragon or Dragoness would cross the species barrier for any human or elven individual again." said Vaskin.   "So because of one person, you put in a law that effected your whole species?" I said   "Our predecessors on the council did that, not us personally." said Rivarna   "So you can change the ruling right?" Heyla asked   "No. And why would we?" asked Vaskin   "What happened to him: this Razakin?" I asked   "He marched his hoard of undead from Kavar southwest to a island off the coast, you know that black swath of dead forest where nothing grows? That is the path his army took." answered Rivarna   "Was he slain?" I asked her   "None have reported his death, so we assume that he still lives." she said   "So what would happen if I got help, and went there?" I asked   "What do you want on your new tombstone? If you intend to go there... Then your chances of return are slim, and you must have permission from the King of Lorakanthi to go." said Vaskin   "Then I shall get it." I said   "I want to go too!" said Heyla   "I figured you might like some adventure." I said   We left the cavern and I turned to Heyla   "We need to find Ava and Connor." I said   "Do you have any thoughts on where they might be?." she asked   "They do have a cavern of their own, but I do know where it is." I said   Heyla and I went to the cavern that Ava and Connor were hiding in.   I didn't want to bend my knees, so I broke the stone entryway to be easier for me and Heyla   Then we heard "What was that?" echo from within   A Draconic Connor came from the northeast part of the cavern before going rigid as he saw us.   "C-Connor? Is that you?" Heyla stuttered from surprise   "Uhh... Who's this Connor person, he sounds like a nice guy." The feathered Dragon said   "Drop the act, I know it's you." I said   "(sigh) yes it is me, I learned how to shape shift, how did you know where this place was?" he asked   I pull out a large piece of paper and I wrote a note, right handed, saying: "a concerned traveler"   "That was you?!" he asked, aghast.   "Yes, that was me. Where is Ava?" I asked him.   "... I am over here." she said timidly   Heyla walked over to Ava (who was in her Dragon form) and hugged her head.     "I am sorry that I got angry at you, you didn't deserve that, and I want to make it up to you." said Heyla   "Uhh... Thank you?. " said Ava, confused.     "Dad, why are you limping?" asked Connor     "Because of my bad decisions." I said   "We need your help." said Heyla   "And what might that entail?" Asked Ava, with Heyla still hugging her face   "Flight, to Wayvon, then to Razakin's isle." I said   "Are you insane?"   "You don't have to land, just drop us off there." Heyla said   "Very well, but I don't...know how to get there." said Ava   "No need, we just need to go to Wayvon, then straight south from there and follow Razakin's March." I said   "Did you talk to my parents?" She asked me   "Yes, and We saw what happened with Venice." said Heyla   "Is he...?"   "Alive? Yes." I said, not wanting to tell my daughter in law that her brother had about five years left on his lifespan.     "Umm... Can you let me go?" Ava asked Heyla     And with Ava said Connor's help: We went to Wayvon   (visited Heleena and Truvo and their children)   (Heleena was happy for her little brother and his wife)   We got permission from the King.   And we flew, following the path of Razakin's March   And at the end of the swath, was a large island.   And then we glided down to the island.   I hope I can write what comes....


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