United States of Greater Austria

One of four dominant powers of Sector 13, as all of them set up by various self proclaimed monarchs hailing - in most cases - from formerly Earth-bound oligarchs and corporate leaders. Many of such billionaires decided to flee to space from increasingly oppresive government of Terran Federation, seeking solitude and safety in a controlled environment of autonomous planets. Overtime this movement grew, and descendants of these exiles no longer remembered how life looked on Earth, instead converting overtime into a 'proper' aristocrats.   United States of Greater Austria remains a part of Res Publica Christiana , counted among its primary members. It is, however, mostly bound in an eternal cicle of backstabs and intrigues for something as fleeting as dominant position within the Sector 13.


United States of Greater Austria was created by a several smaller local monarchist states that banded together under the strongest one (Austrian Empire) to survive an onslaught of French Empire and Scandinavian Monarchy during the Unification Wars. They succeeded, but overtime this temporary alliance grew stronger and stronger, soon after changing into one, decentralized state.   Today United States of Greater Austria remains an union of several autonomous areas varied in size and exact level of autonomy, all according to many various bilateral agreements signed between central government (formerly Austrian Empire government) and various member states and autonomous regions (formerly allies of Austrian Empire). Trying to describe the entirety of the member states in details would require a much longer and dedicated text, thus it will be omitted here.   Central government operates as an extension of the power of an Austrian emperor. Its power is limited to personal domain of an emperor - meaning the central Austrian Empire - while at least trying to oversee the rest, with its many autonomous regions self-governing themselves. This dualism is visible even in emperor's personal titulature - he is both king and emperor, the first one of Austria itself while the second of entirety of empire.   There is also an imperial parliament, known simply as Reichsrat. It is divided into two houses. Upper - called House of Lords (Herrenhaus) is composed of representatives of member-states and autonomous regions. Lower - House of Deputies (Abgeordnetenhaus) includes democratically elected representatives of entire population of United States of Greater Austria.   The exact number of said democratic representatives is 203 - as it once was in Austria-Hungary. Each of the member-states and autonomous regions has a set number of representatives that depends on their population number.

Public Agenda

Sector 13 is divided between four states that dislike each other. They are playing eternal dance of short term alliances, backstabs and wars - each of them hoping to one day outsmart others and being the one to finally 'liberate' the entire star sector. Ultimately, however, a stalemate occurs. Whenever one side achieves termporary hegemony, the three others unite against it.   Thus, USGA is mostly busy existing and safeguarding its continuous existence. While regularly sending sizeable detachments of their forces for another Catholic Neocrusades.

Demography and Population

USGA population is heavily divided internally in pretty much every way.   Out of circa 24 billion inhabitants, around 500 millions is considered a nobility of various statures, in most cases (there are small differences between regions) not really differentiated from commoners in any other way than by name and prestige only. There are few member states that are fully equal however, which only heightens the chaotic situation.   74% are baseline humans, 17% are variants, while 9% assimilated aliens. There is next to no racial discrimination.


Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine known in short as K.u.K. Kriegsmarine is more or less an average space fleet, without any notable strengths. It is differentiated from average only by existence of K.u.K. Luftfahrtruppe that is in short an autonomous fragment of the fleet that can be described as system defence forces that also double as space police.   Despite lack of some notable strenghts, the K.u.K. Kriegsmarine is decently armed with modern equipment and is more than enough to hold other powers of the Sector 13 at bay.
Ground Forces
Army of the USGA - known as Kaiserliche und Königliche Armee is divided into two parts. Firstly, there is a regular army. It is divided between Landwehr that hails from the imperial domain and Honvédség, which are a combined regular army of member states and autonomous provinces that in case of a war are controlled by the one, unified command, made of officers assigned by the emperor (and high command).   The other part of the army is called Landsturm and is a common defence initiative, made mostly of simple infantry, conscripted from society when need arises.


USGA is dominantly Neocatholic - circa 82% of its inhabitants are at least officially a member of the Neocatholic Church. Most of them (72%) according to Roman Catholic liturgy, while the rest is divided between Eastern Orthodox and various protestant churches, with lutherans considered the most widespread. Next 8% are a variety of Paleocatholic Church sects, 7% are European Deists and 3% are various others.   While not considered the most zealous country of those that follow Neocatholic doctrine, the USGA is nevertheless considered a a part of Res Publica Christiana - and a loyal one. It also contributes quite a bit of its citizens to a variety of Neocrusades.

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter (Indivisible and Inseparable)

United States of Greater Austria
Capital: Wienturm, on New Litavia
Official Languages: German
Religion: Neocatholic Church
Government: Constitutional Federated Monarchy
Faction: Res Publica Christiana
Current ruler: Emperor Gustav III Habsburg
Population: Approx. 24 000 000 000.
Currency: Deutsches Krone
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Danubian Federation, Danubian State, Greater Austra, Austrian Federation, Union of Austrian States, Vereinigte Staaten von Groß-Österreich.


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