Sector X-01 - Graveyard

Graveyard is a mysterious sector considered a part of the European Cluster, being its southernmost sector. It is officially not controlled by anyone, but both the regional powers of New Europe and the European Assembly of Unions are believed to have several local outposts, dedicated mostly to research and weapon testing. All of them considered top secret and, in fact, not sure to exist.   Outside of this, the entire sector is considered off-limits to any civilian ships - and, in fact, also the military ones with except of those explicitly allowed to by their governments.


The entire sector is completely destroyed. It is unknown what exactly caused it, but the destruction was obviously deliberate and done by an alien species, for whom a name Destroyers was coined. Their true nature is unknown and up to debate.   The destruction that the Graveyard suffered was thorough. All stars were detonated into supernovas. Many subsequently collapsed into an unnaturally large number of black holes that can be throughout the sector. What survived from the planets, asteroids and moons that used to surround the darkened stars, was then thoroughly fragmented by a sustained MAW bombardment.   It is unknown why Destroyers obliterated an entire star sector - and probably a lot of space surrounding it.
Alternative Name(s)
Graveyard, Murder, Waste
Star System Sector


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