Sector 44 - Antemuralis

Antemuralis (latin for bulwark or rampant) is an outer star sector, practically surrounded by variety of alien threats, including plants, and automatons, not to mention minor species like fallen or devourers. As such, it is a semi-permanent battlefield, with alien incursion hapenning quite regularly.   It is unified politically via Eastern European Commonwealth, a group of countries hailing from Central and Eastern Europe that reached into this are of space only few years before Fourth World War. Following Unification Wars this sector was united into EEC due to polish king Aleksander Dunecki military expansion, with his fleet and army silencing extremist revolts in exchange for political subservience.   It is also a sector unified in terms of faction, as all of its states (and EEC as entirety) belong to Res Publica Christiana. As a centrist-governed star sector its relatively opened, with migration limited mainly by alien threats, and high level political liberty.

Star System Sector


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