Sector 17 - Magna Germania

When the Unification Wars struck, the Magna Germania were relative luck of remaining a stable region for quite long. This happened mainly due to the actions of admiral Nishimura of Federation Navy, that managed - despite the ongoing chaos - to safe his fleet from plague of desertions and infighting... for a while, that is.   What truly killed Sector 17 as it was before the Fourth Colonial War, was the economic crisis and reliance of trade with neighbouring sectors. The crisis struck, and the governments collapsed. Soon, admiral Nishimura was murdered, his fleet was scattered by surprising raid of democrat fleet, and then New Berlin, a German colony, was overrun by a faction of resurgent german ultranationalists, with their lineage dating back to First European War.   The insurgents were led by an unknown demagogue known only as Hakenkreuz. This person, armed only with his terrifying charisma and support of radical movements, managed to overthrow the democratically elected government, using a string of defeats in New Berlin war against a Variant colony, whose name was later on purged from all records.   08.11.2162 - a day of 239 anniversary of failed Hitlerputsch in Germany - was a day in which Germanic Party supporters stormed the Capital Spire, putting an end of democracy in New Berlin (soon renamed into Welthauptstadt Germania). Soon the national socialist regime spread throughout the Sector 17, with every conquered world being forced to surrender all of its resources to further fuel the string of conquests. Variants - renamed "subhuman" - were exterminated. Democrats and other enemies of state mentally reprogrammed into proper Germans, if deemed genetically valuable, or turned into slaves in the growing number of labour camps. Billions died.   In 2172 the last independent planet in Sector 17 fell before combined forces of Kriegsmarine and Wehrmacht. Merely two years later Hakenkreuz died, without choosing his sucessor. The conflict ended up with regular civil war before admiral Hermann Kastner (supreme commander of Kriegsmarine) and Gunther Neumann, head of Germanic Party from the moment Hakenkreuz became a first Fuhrer.   The war that begun in 2174 ended in 2191. Dozen of millions died, with many planets depopulated to the point of requiring recolonization. What's worse, it ended with complete stalemat between two contestants.   Neither Hermann Kastner nor Gunther Neumann managed to win the war. The latter didn't even manage to live until its end (but he, "thankfully", remembered about securing proper succession). In the end 1/3 of Sector 17 seceded from Reich, creating a new country called Kaiserreich, under kaiser Hermann Kastner, who, before death, opened labour camps and mentally reprogrammed the prisoners into proper Germans.   Reich still existed, but needed a whole century to rise from the ashes and attempt expansion towards the neighbouring sectors. And then, in 2240, yet another blow against it was struck. Jerusalem Council achieved merging of Christian churches. One of the Neocatholic Church doctrine most important points was playing more important role in the politics, to destroy regime being a threat to the Faithful - and to humanity at large. Fourth Reich became a target of First Neocrusade. The forces of several different Christian entered Reich's space in 2244, with Kaiserreich using the occasion to force Kriegsmarine to commit big parts of its forces on the other side of the Reich. The effect was the most humiliating defeat in Fourth Reich history, and creation of Holy Roman Empire.   And from then on, the stalemate in the Sector 17 begun.

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