Imperium Romanum

Imperium Romanum is a particular example of a country that begun its history by pretending to be something... only to, somewhere along the way, cease pretending. And really become it. With the zeal that acommpanies this 'becoming' part being the main reason for Imperium Romanum to be considered an outcast among Outer Colonies, and a part of Pact of Steel [PoS].


Imperium Romanum can be described as an attempt to restore Roman Empire in its most pure, Roman form – without Greek and, in most cases, Christian influences. By recreating the political system of Roman Republic in its best possible form, while retaining some means of central, imperial power, believed to be required to be able to face onslaught of enemies of Imperium Romanum.   The supreme leader of Imperium Romanum is Imperator himself. He is believed to be a nearly divine being (making IR a partially despotic monarchy), with Imperator being a supreme commander of all armed forces, a benevolent 'fatherly' figure and a symbol of unity, not to mention somebody able to assume temporary dictatorship in terms of crisis. In times of peace (with 'crisis' being in most cases war against some local enemy) his power is 'limited' to apointing prime ministers (dubbed consuls), being able to revoke them and few other, minor things.   Beneath him is Senate. Formed by several thousand most influential or popular people in the Imperium Romanum, including more than few hundred patriarchs (practically speaking oligarchs with family history dating back to settling the colony of Nova Roma) and lots of plebeians (which means various upstarts). It has the power to overrule most of Imperator's decisions, while also dealing with governing matters and being local version of both supreme court (that is theoretically a separate organisation, however formed mostly from senators) and legislature.   The state is, however, heavily militarized, with all administrative and senatorial positions available only to people who served for at least thirty years in various armed forces, making it practically closed veteran caste. The only exception being patriarchs, who, however, in most cases also go through military service if only to avoid standing out among their peers. The planetary governors are separated between those appointed by Imperator (in most cases – the frontlines) and Senate.

Public Agenda

After the early zeal with which Imperium Romanum expanded disappeared (following the end of Unification Wars) the chief public agenda of IR is, strictly speaking, survival. Forced to divide its own star sector with a multitude of smaller countries it would, of course, gladly conquered them, however their stubborn defense and being a target of repetitive Neocrusades made its elites learn a bit of respect to their opponents.   What Imperium Romanum trully fears is becoming a target of wide (or politically cohesive) enough coalition to finally defeat its forces, with their internal policy of widespread slavery making only more probable. Thus it keeps existing, regularly waging wars to decimate its local enemies with its more centralized and better armed forces, with each of such attempts finally culminating in a Neocrusade.


Earliest history of Imperium Romanum is today a subject of rather... intensive propaganda efforts on behest of Imperium Romanum' security forces. However, unlike countries like The Technocracy or Fourth Reich, here we do possess a surviving records from other states in the region, that allow to reconstruct the early history of Roman Empire.   Long, long time a go, a certain billionaire bought a planet that, according to early cartography survey, possessed several large inland seas, with climate similar to this from Earth's Mediterrean Sea. The reason for it being a fascination of said billionaire with Roman Empire, whom he wanted to recreate, creating world's biggest open air museum.   Of course noone said anything about abandoning advanced technology. Settlers created several arcologies decorated in Roman style, sculpted their minds to better reflect what they perceived as Roman mindset (including traditional, early Roman conservatism, personal freedom, certain form of patriotism and so on). Outside of Arcologies lied lands that were sculpted to look like Roman lands, including reconstructions of cities like Pompeii, aqueducts, baths, whole fields where robotic 'dolls' could reenact various historical battles in their natural scale, and so on. Soon the planet was considered one of the most attractive tourist destination in Human Space.   Over time, the growing number of people wanted to settle it. Owner of Nova Roma – a certain billionaire who titled himself Imperator – was picky with accepting, prefering, as he saw them, 'strong' and 'worthy' people. With surprising ammounts of former soldiers and mariners from Terran Federation army and fleet included. What's more, the patriarchs that helped in settling Nova Roma and ruled its economy, soon began investing in orbital industry. After all, mining asteroids didn't influenced rural and scenic lands surrounding the arcologies.   All of this – accidentally – created a powerful basis for war industry and military, that turned out to be most useful during the Unification Wars. Soon after collapse of local Federation presence, Nova Roma was assaulted by one of its neighbours, who wanted to control local industry (and great touristic location).   That's how a spiral towards present situation began. After several years long campaign, the invader was defeated. Imperator of that time – the settler of the planet, already very old – didn't want to forcefully sculpt its inhabitants, which was deemed as only viable way of pacifying resistance of formerly totalitarian planet, where entire population was sculpted to be practically fanatic believers of their ideology. Imperator as a believer in civil liberty do not wanted to do it. Many oligarchs and army commanders wanted.   In the end, the compromise was settled – rotten as most of them in politics. Rather than sculpt them into Romans, they were sculpted into some sort of a middleground between their totalitarian and pretotalitarian sculpture... and occupied. With totalitarian part including more or less 'loyalty' or at least conformism towards those who ruled them. Soon the emperor died, and another wars happened. Some of the planets were occupied as well, some more – his descendant had less moral qualms – sculpted into Romans. As trying to sculpt the inhabitants of already conquered and occupied planet would mean facing global revolution, the status of occupation remained – at least wars end and the risk of the mass revolt will be acceptable.   Finally Unification Wars ended... but by the time, a completely new generation ruled Nova Roma. One, for which the current situation was normal. Tourism was long gone, what once began as tourist attraction started to be believe as something real. Occupied (albeit not very brutally) and exploited worlds stayed that way. After all, it was their own fault. It was them, who attacked Nova Roma.   Soon new wars begun. This time, waged not to defend themselves, but to conquer. Dream to protect themselves changed into dream of true Imperium, one that could rival the first one, the one that was discussed in schools in details. One that every inhabitant knew, and whose those more ambitious coveted. Slippery slope is terrible, because noone notices it before its too late... and those that do, are ridiculed.   Sculpts were 'improved'. Tendency towards religious indifference with small Christian influence (with roman rituals done in front of the tourists or, later, as a tradition) were replaced with belief in completely new religion, deemed properly 'Roman'. The slavery – firstly as an intendentured workers working out their debts, then as natural status of those, who weren'r Roman, from example citizens of the conquered worlds – were introduced. Each succesive generation was even more Roman in truth rather than in fiction.   Finally their conquest were stopped, their armies weak in terms of not possesing enough manpower to wage more war against its neighbours. Then, Neocrusade struck, and for the first time in long time Imperium Romanum fought for its life, and while finally succeeded in reconquering lost lands after the Neocrusade dispersed, their period of conquest ended forever.

Demography and Population

The most important thing to think about Imperium Romanum's population are slaves. With nearly 60% of its inhabitants being de facto objects, belonging to free Roman's, the problems with fielding sufficient army despite its big overall population no longer are unexplainable.   Imperium Romanum society is extremely patriarchal, with men being able to divorce their wifes whenever they please. Women can't even directly inherit, not to mention joining army – which makes IR army problem even worse. This is partially combated by the right to have slave concubines, with producing offsprings actually supported by State. Many patriarchs - not to mention emperors themself - have entire harems, a deviation of original Roman culture caused by terrifying demographic problems.   In terms of religion, Imperium Romanum possess a unique religious system that can be described as neopaganism based on ancient Roman religion, with Jupiter somehow 'improved' into a vast, all encompassing chief deity probably slightly influenced by Christian God. In whose existence inhabitants of Imperium Romanum believe too, believing Him to be an evil, hostile being with his 'One God only' beign a representation of His megalomania, that also caused downfall of original Rome and its gods, with their faith resurfacing in space only because of the first Imperator and settler of Nova Roma... which, considering the fact that the billionaire in question was actually a Christian, even if not particularly devout, is rather ironic. And one of the causes for permanent attempts to purge all such 'subversive lies' by the security forces.   Similar is the approach to Islam, with both faiths spreading throughout the slavery population, although with no sure informations about numbers. Variants made up for ~15% of population - all of them slaves, since only humans can be Romans - with aliens non existing and considered kill-on-sight target.


Imperial Navy is a powerful fighting force, using vast fleets of battleships and fast battleships as its main fighting force, exploiting their relative speed to outmaneuvre and logistically outlast their enemies. It also possesses a surprising ammount of voidcraft carriers, that however play secondary role.   With their society heavy militarization and religious identity, not to mention a certain reward policy (including receiving slaves and pillaged treasures from invaded worlds) both army and fleet are a very disciplined and motivated forces that – due to regularly waged war – is also very experienced. On the other hand, a vast population of slaves (that can only be used – in very dire situations – as cannon fodder) means that the mobilizational ability of the Imperium Romanum are surprisingly small, causing regular problems with completing crews on newly constructed ships.
Ground Forces
Imperium Romanum ground forces – called, simply, Legiones Romanii – are a powerful fighting force, using relatively small but well disciplined and equipped forces of mechanized infantry and tanks, relying on mobility and shock value rather than on battles for attrition (that Imperium Romanum would, most likely, lose).   With their society heavy militarization and religious identity, not to mention a certain reward policy (including receiving slaves and pillaged treasures from invaded worlds) both army and fleet are a very disciplined and motivated forces that – due to regularly waged war – is also very experienced. On the other hand, a vast population of slaves (that can only be used – in very dire situations – as cannon fodder) means that the mobilizational ability of the Imperium Romanum are surprisingly small, causing regular problems during prolonged land battles.
Imperium Romanum
Roma Aeterna Est.
Capital: Augustus Spire, Nova Roma.
Official Languages: Latin
Religion: Neopaganism.
Government: Despotic Monarchy
Faction: Pact of Steel
Current ruler: Imperator Gaius Scipio
Population: ~22 000 000 000
Currency: Sestertius
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
S.P.Q.R, IRoman Empire.
Parent Organization
Pact of Steel


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