European Cluster

The European Cluster is composed of the western star sectors of the Human-controlled part of the Orion Spur, that was mostly colonized by former Europeans. It is now part of Outer Colonies, just as divided as most of it. It is however an important cornerstone of both Res Publica Christiana and New North Atlantic Treaty, but also of Fifth International, making it a notable ideological battleground.   It is known for its internal division between a vast number of smaller countries, many of them united into two permanent systems of alliances (Western European Alliance and Central European Commonwealth).  


It includes following star sectors:
Sector 09 - Progress [PART OF TERRAN FEDERATION]
Sector 12 - New Europe
Sector 13 - Occident
Sector 14 - Mare Nostrum
Sector 18 - Imperium Aeterna
Sector 22 - Worker's Utopia
Sector 44 - Antemuralis
Sector X-01 - Graveyard [FORBIDDEN SECTOR]

Political Landscape

Great Powers
Basileia Rhomaion [Sector 18][RPC]
European Assembly of Unions [Sector 22][FI]
Western European Alliance [Sector 12][NNAT]
Central European Commonwealth [Sector 44][RPC]
Secondary Powers
Scandinavian Monarchy [Sector 13][AR]
French Empire [Sector 13][AR]
Kingdom of Spain [Sector 13][RPC]
Imperial Federation [Sector 13][NNAT]
United States of Greater Austria [Sector 13][RPC]
Imperium Romanum [Sector 14][PoS]
Kingdom of Poland [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Independent Countries
Federal Republic of Germany [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
French Republic [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
Great Britain [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
Republic of Flanders [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
Republic of Wallonia [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
Swiss Confederation [Sector 12][NEUTRAL]
Netherlands [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
Republic of Austria [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
Republic of Scotland [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
Principality of Wales [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT]
North Ireland Republic [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT
Republic of Ireland [Sector 12][WEA/NNAT
Republic of Spain [Sector 14][NNAT]
Republic of Catalonia [Sector 14][NNAT]
Basque Country [Sector 14][NNAT]
Republic of North Italy [Sector 14][NNAT]
Republic of South Italy [Sector 14][NNAT]
Italian Duchies [Sector 14][RPC]
Republic of Greece [Sector 14][NNAT]
Greek Unity [Sector 14][RPC]
Papal State [Sector 14][RPC]
Kingdom of Jerusalem [Sector 18][RPC]
Republic of Silesia [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Republic of Hungary [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Baltic Union [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Kingdom of Romania and Moldova [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Republic of Western Ukraine [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Federated Republic of Czechia, Moravia and Slovakia [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Grand Duchy of Belarus [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Crimean Khanate [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]
Ruthenian Duchies [Sector 44][CEC/RPC]


Notable Past Countries [Human]
Notable Aliens to inhabit the region
Silinruls - The European Cluster remained a part of the Silinrul Empire for most of its history.
Seskans - Area used to be inhabited by the Seskans prior to the fall..
Aurums - Part of Aurum Imperium, then also inhabited during the Diaspora.
Destroyers - Responsible for destruction of the Sector X-01.


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