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The Imperial Legion (The M-peer-e-ul Li-jun)


The Imperials are a primarily dictorial/military organization and as such all members are to respond to The Patriarch as their one true leader and god, now after all the religious texts were burned, the Imperials follow a common military structure save for their Patriarch

Public Agenda

The Imperial Legion has a wide array of goals and sets they wish to achieve, though most do not seem to be in the benefit of those under them, one such goal is the further of experimentation with the Reagent and fully figuring out what makes it tick. The Imperials have always had a disdain against disorder and as such when Red Talon begin to rise against them they would grow more aggressive in their tactics thus penalizing the public for the actions of the rebels.


The Imperial Legion has access to a large array of resources, considering they control the unified galaxy it is because of these natural resources that the Imperial Legion has a mass array of weaponry and transports. Due to their large conscription service and otherwise impractical experiments The Imperial Legion also has a number of troops and soldiers of which they would more than most consider expendable for the greater good.


The Imperial Legion was created as a unity between the center planets (I.e Earth, Mars, Venus, etc) during a time of civil unrest and possible war that continued to plague them as humans spread throughout the galaxy and were disregarded by most species, along with that it was also common for humans to attack said species primarily out of fear.
Founding Date
December 8th, 2365.
Military Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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