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The Duranites (Dur-rah-nights)

The Duranites are a species of large insectoid bipeds, each of them displaying a vibrant color that dominates most of their body. Forced out of their homeland by an apocalyptic event long lost to history, Duranites are refugees that now sail the stars in search of a new homeland.  
Biologically Impervious
Duranite biology reflects the conditions from where they come. The Duranites are armored head to toe in thick, chitinous plates which protect them from the hazards of their homeland. Curiously, the Duranites also possess an anomalous organ; a growth located next to their heart, which's true purpose is a closely guarded secret by the Duranites. These traits make Duranites exceptionally difficult to kill, but perhaps what makes a Duranite so dangerous is an adaptation known as "Rage Heart"
Rage Heart
The Rage Heart is a colloquial term for the Duranites anomalous organ, which seems to activate in times of duress, When A Duranite's Rage Heart is activated, they begin to express variety of powers based on the individual, however, there has been similarities between the powers displayed by Duranites of similar color. This state, combined with their Exoskeleton, allows the Duranites to defeat creatures many times their size or power.
Rites and Rituals
The Duranite culture is steeped in rituals. When a Duranite is born, they suffer the Rite of Life. When he wishes to join his first Brood, they undergo the Rite of Passage. If they wish to be considered for breeding, they must take the Rite of Honor. When facing a new enemy, the Rite of Firsts is invoked. A Duranite Brood also has a Martriarch, who has endured the Rite of Insight. The rituals endured by a Matriarch are lengthy and torturous; most Duranites who attempt the rite perish. Those who survive become the most respected member of their brood. The Matriarch is a brood's spiritual leader and guide and is believed to see into the spirit world itself    
The Flotilla
The refugees travel together in a collective of ships known as the Flotilla and consists of those who escaped their homeland. The Flotilla contains over fifty thousand vessels collectively that travel the galaxy strip-mining and harvesting resource to keep the fleet afloat. Some ships decide to depart the fleet to pursue their own goals, but normally return to the fleet. When young Duranite rejoins the Flotilla after their Pilgrimage, they are expected to join the crew of another vessel to ensure genetic diversity of an already small population.  
The Pilgrimage
During Duranite adolescence, they are subjected to the Rite of Passage. When young adulthood is reached, Duranites are expected to leave the Flotilla and experience life outside of their culture, as well as search for a planet capable of growing the Gaia Fruit. To rejoin the Flotilla, and stay permanently, the young Duranite must bear a gift to the captain of a new Brood. This gift can be tangible, such as resources, or intangible such as information. Although, all Duranites are encouraged to return home for small stints to keep connections with their Brood, because to them, all Duranites are family  
The Brood
Duranite's value one thing above all else: Family. Duranite society is built upon this hierarchy, where everything is done so that the Brood can survive. They live in Broods lead by a Captain, and those broods constantly search for resources and promote camaraderie amongst each other in order to survive the their current situation. Traditionally, Broods were organized by the color of the Duranites within, but with their departure from their homelands, Broods are now organized by their role in the Flotilla     The Gaia Fruit Gaia Fruit are the single most important resource the Duranites need, and is responsible for their Rage Heart as well as their growth into adult hood. When a Duranite is born, they no vibrant color and are instead grey, and posses an underdeveloped Rage Heart, it is when a Gaia Fruit is fed to a child Duranite where they gain their vibrant colors and a fully grown Rage Heart. Without Gaia Fruit, the Duranite children would be unable to reach their adult form, and any proliferation of their species would be denied, due to this issue, it is the Duranite peoples goal to find a planet capable of growing these fruits, as the Flotilla can only supply so many from their farms before they run out, and their species would quickly go extinct soon after   Duranite Names Duranite names are fairly simple: a name based on their color, followed by a given name which describes their specialty, which is normally bestowed upon them by the Brood Matriarch, or their parents. There are hardly a difference between the names given to male and female Duranites   Examples: Cerulean Berserker, Ebony Shock, Niobium Chopper, Crimson Alchemist, Jade Paladin, Porcelain Angel

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