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Temple of the Serpent Queen

What appears to be a simple exchange station, hides a dark secret. The temple extends several levels below the surface. Besides the stable to one side, the ground level contains an office, a small bedroom, a kitchen w/ table, several small rooms, and a vault. Below the vault is a staging area where rubble is stored before being smuggled out. A large ramp can be excavated to behind the ground floor. Below the staging area is a housing complex for the Lamia Hybrids. Below this is a temple where sermons are held. Below this is a "workshop" where Abominations are made. And below this, finally, is the portal chamber. Temples are constructed from the top down and may be abandoned at any point for various reasons.


A single-story English-style exposed-frame cob-house, from the surface, it appears to be a small stable-house.

Guard post / house
Owning Organization
Servants of the Serpent Queen

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