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Mountain Dwarves

Dwarves who mine the Devil's Teeth have done so for countless generations. They are intimately familiar with the stone and can move agilely along the steep, jagged slopes of the mountains.


Culture and cultural heritage

they are born, live, and are buried in the mines. While primarily miners, foundrymen and blacksmiths, they are also great stone-masons. The waste rock from their mines is formed into blocks and is used to build entrance first into a large foundry, and then into a defensible fort. They are happy to sell stone, coal, ore, metal, weapons, armor, tools, and armor. they often set up smithies is locations primarily inhabited by other races.

Common Dress code

primitive leather shoes(i.e. leather socks) leather trousers most have taken to wearing imported cotton underpants because, if you've ever worn leather trousers with anything(or nothing) else, then you know. when traveling outside in cold climates they wear long fur coats purchased from the nomads.

Funerary and Memorial customs

the body is placed on a bed of coal ringed by stones. More stones are added to form a sarcophagus and the interior is filled with coal. The coal is lit from the bottom and left to burn. The location and permanence of the burial site are determined by how liked/remembered the Dwarf was. The belief is that the dwarf has returned to the stuff of the mountain. Because when the sarcophagus is opened, all that is found is ash.

Encompassed species

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