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Dalton Farmstead

A farming community set in the edge of the Inner Forest, it is mostly inhabited by retired and semi-retired military families. Despite being a small farming town, its population is very diverse. Hobbits, dwarves, humans, and even Lamia live here in peace because they all served in the Hopfendale Army.


Farmers and fieldhands make up most of the population. Those who retired at a higher rank tend to more often be landowners. The village is also home to a family of beekeepers, several threshers and thatchers, a blacksmith, some spinners and weavers, a family of millers, a family of bodgers, a family of tailors, a family of bakers, and a family run inn.


The mayor of Dalton has been mayor has not been challenged to a vote for several decades.


Exports include barley, hops, grapes, and honey.

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