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Blacksmith of Lamware

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"Fallen Prince" Othmoore (a.k.a. Second-son)

A friend to the people of Lamware, Othmoore was one of the two craftsmen who designed and enchanted the Warfs Anchor which holds Lamware Warf in place.

Kinder than his brother TorLorn, who resides in the mountains of Oswary island, Othmoore found solitude to be depressing and that the hearts of the non-ordninged races are captivating.

Born to a King with out a Throne Othmoore honed his craft of stone and steel, not for war or to retake what the ages had forgotten but to create a new future for his people.
The history of Giants, including that of Othmoore was recorded in a book written by Fa-tor, an elvish traveler who had a chance to speak to Othmoore and his Brother.
Jarvlors Legacy in The Fall of the Giants

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