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Suddenly stuck. Your arms and legs stuck inside straps of what seems to be leather. You start opening your eyes, but darkness keeps hindering your vision. It feels like you are covered in some kind of clothing, not something you would own though.

  Your body feels different. Something flows through you. You can't quite describe it.

  Your back hurts. You must be lying on stone, or something similarly hard.

  LMNts is an RPG-World. The adventure is based on the tropes of memory-loss, being imprisoned, escapism, elemental magic and monsters, an a more strategic, less luck-reliant fighting system. The rule set is self made, but inspired by Das Schwarze Auge 4.

  The players are captured under ground, in the stone cave system of LMNts. They wake up in the so-called Lab-Room 2.01. Their goal is to escape this horrific place - or is it?

  Horrific monsters, other elemental mages, wicked scientists and alchemists, strange warriors, and traps of all sorts make this adventure dangerous and exciting. And who is it, that brought you here in the first place?