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Ljuga is a world where most of humans are stuck at a renaissance technological level by an evil goddess who does not want them to progress. She defeated her companion thousands of years ago, leaving her mortal and him slumbering inside a huge crystal-like rock. Three political giants strive for supremacy on Ljuga, their names The Twin Dragons Empire, Byakko Teikoku and Vaporia. All of them are threatened by the spirits said to be the offspring of the evil goddess, but one has a notable advantage: Vaporia has somehow been allowed to progress at the cost of not being able to wage war against the two empires while the goddess is alive. The Twin Dragons Empire is a colossal Holy Roman Empire like federation, with two simultaneous elected emperors at the peak - a Diarchy. They venerate the slumbering god and they have sworn to kill his nemesis, for which purpose they have created an elite holy order, the Dragon Knights. On the other side of the ocean, Byakko Teikoku is the other great empire of Ljuga. It's also a federation, but more prone to domestic wars than The Twin Dragons Empire. They venerate the goddess as a beacon of good - the true evil one is the sleeping god, they say.