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Vera Unit TG1-03457-2-R Orlov

Vera Unit TG1-03457-2-R Orlov

After being dealt a devastating loss during the Third World War, she made a pact with her sister to abandon ship into the wilds and find a place where they were better off.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Vera, rather than the typical olive green, was painted a dark, steely grey along with the rest of her platoon, and she has her fair share of wounds, like dents from bullets whether intentional or stray, and general wear and tear from battle and travel.

Identifying Characteristics

Her most noteworthy characteristics are her uncommon- but certainly not rare paint color, the painted symbol on her right front side armor in which displays a ribbon that reads "death on wheels" in Russian, and the browned, tattered ribbon tied around her gun.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

(Sabina's story will be very similar to this, so perhaps expect me to copy a lot of text for the sake of article size, or so people don't have to find this article for the whole story)   Vera, an IS-2, was awakened for the same reason every other MAI, Eastern or Western, was: to fight in the Third World War. In her beginnings, she quickly bonded with a KV-85 in her company named Sabina with an ID not far off from her own, and the two playfully declared themselves sisters for the bond and similarity. They had all the typical experiences, bonding with their crews, befriending other humans and MAI alike, being incredibly sobered by their first battles but refusing to give up the fight. Their relatively "normal" lives would soon come crashing down, though, after the two felt rebellious and went off on their own for a day only to hear air raid sirens tear through the sky and frantically return to their camp to find it in shambles. In the moment, it looked like they were the only survivors, and it was due to their thoughtless journey into the woods on the other side of town. This was the tipping point. What.. was the point of fighting? If they could all be wiped out so easily, without barely any time to prepare; not even much they could do. It felt like a sick message to them that they should never have returned, and they listened. Both young tanks turned tail and drove like there was no tomorrow until they had no idea where they were. No matter where they went, it seemed the sounds of war followed relentlessly, but at the very least, they weren't a part of it.   Time passed, and the sisters came to accept that they would probably spend their lives alone in the wilderness. That is, until they found Nikita and Adrik . They were evidently terrified of the concept of facing off with an enemy French superheavy tank and an (albeit smaller but still intimidating) Russian tank- wait, Russian? What's going on here? After the initial shock, the two learned that all four of them had made the same decision to escape the war, which was particularly comforting to the IS and KV. The duos decided to band together, and have been this way ever since.

Mental Trauma

Due to past experience, Vera has a somewhat serious form of separation anxiety, a stark opposite to Otto WeiƟ, she fears that something terrible might happen to those around her while she isn't present to protect them or at the very least be there for them. Thankfully, she can remain at her sister's side along with the rest of their pack.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Out of her pack, she and Sabina have to be the most friendly and open to socializing, and Vera in particular is notably emotionally understanding towards those around her.

Vices & Personality flaws

Though she's easy enough to socialize with, she struggles with letting people go, which can often become a problem for those who aren't as ready to jump on commitment. Though having a good grasp on understanding the motives of others, she finds it unfortunately easy to slip into denial if they ever decide to move on and she becomes almost annoyingly clingy before being forced to face the facts.

Neutral Good
Livastian MAI
Year of Birth
1997 61 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Activated to fight on the behalf of Russia in the Third World War
A shade of pear green
46 tons
Known Languages
Russian, German, English

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